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About Gardentroop.com

Hello and welcome to gardentroop.com!

My name’s Arthur, and through this website, I aim to help you grow a flourishing garden by providing the precise information and practical guidelines you need to know that’ll also hopefully help you become a more self-reliant lawn owner.

Here, I share in-depth, resourceful articles covering lawn mower maintenance, reviews on various lawn-care items, money-saving tool building techniques, troubleshooting of common gardening or equipment problems, and more.

Gardening has been my lifelong passion ever since being a consistent helping hand to my dad in his backyard vegetable garden. And soon after becoming a homeowner back in 2010, I couldn’t wait anymore to up my gardening game after seeing every day mowing and edging in my surrounding neighborhood so that I could join the community with pride.

Simultaneously, I was too excited to do it on my domain and help other lawn owners, especially after watching people wasting money on lousy stuff, sticking to lame norms, and struggling to get satisfactory outcomes. So, I began hitting the web to glean out the most effective and practical ideas, combined them with what I learned throughout the years working on my lawn, and finally launched gardentroop.com to spread the goodness.

The Methodology of Product Reviews

At gardentroop.com, I opt to deliver detailed, comprehensive gear guides across various products and projects. I can promise that you’ll not only learn about the best equipment for my featured categories, but you’ll also get all the necessary information on the key aspects when purchasing something, as well as the most effective methods that would entail the best results.

Aside from relying on just features and characteristics, I follow a specific benchmark while ranking the products based on the thorough research I conduct, spending days or even weeks. It includes performance, decisive attributes, affordability, and, more importantly, user ratings as per a few month’s use. I believe it’s essential to hear out the actual customers and what they have to say about their experience with the products to determine an item’s value and suitability to likewise users.

Reach Me Out

I’m always up to sharing every bit of what I learn every day with you. I look forward to embracing newer ideas and suggestions that can improve your experience with this site.  And that’s why your opinion matters a lot to me. So, feel free to share your feedback and advice, whether it’s for an article in particular or the entire site.

Disclosure on Amazon Affiliate Program

Gardentroop.com participates in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliation program providing a means for sites to earn commissions by directing visitors to amazon.com. Meaning, I may earn a commission if you buy something from amazon.com, following any link from this website, without costing you extra money.

However, this website doesn’t directly or indirectly connect to any manufacturer of any products reviewed.