Ariens Riding Mower: Your Ultimate Guide in 2022

Do you make faces while cutting your lawn grass even in winter? Maybe it’s time for you to buy a riding lawnmower! When it comes to lawnmowers, nothing can beat the Ariens.

If you’re a newbie, you should go through the  Ariens is a brand that has been serving its customers since time immemorial. No matter if your purpose is personal or commercial, it can deal with all.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, mobile, and classic riding mower, Ariens riding mower is the best choice. So, we’ve brought to you some of the top-coat creations of this mind-boggling brand. We also attached a buying guide for better convenience. Without further explanations, let’s jump into it!

Here are our top recommended Ariens riding mowers:

  • Best 60-inch: Ariens 991151 Apex 60″ 24 HP Kawasaki FR730 V Riding Mower
  • Best 52-inch: Ariens IKON XD 52 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower
  • Best 42-inch: Ariens IKON XD 42 inch 22 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower
  • Best 34-inch: Ariens Edge 34 inch 19 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower 915243

What Are The Available Riding Lawn Mower Types Manufactured By Ariens?

You can divide the Ariens Riding mowers into 2 categories. Walk-behind and zero-turn are those two types. These two categories have been serving its customers without any negotiation with their demands.

If you own a small lawn that measures less than half an acre, a walk-behind riding mower will be great for you. Zero-turn riding mowers are

the best choice for larger yards.

Ariens manufactures two types of walk-behind riding mowers. Classic and Razor both manage to impress its purchasers with a boos-like appearance. Be it push or self-propelled; the company offers you both.

When it comes to zero-turn riding mowers, you can have some divergence as well. Ariens Zoom and Ariens Apex are one of the trending ones. The company manufactures keeping your requirements into consideration. They feature sizes of 34-50 inches, and that’s perfect for your area.

The 5 Best Ariens Riding Mowers

1. Ariens 991151 Apex 60″ Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Ariens 991151 Apex 60" Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Specifications At A Glance:

  • 24 HP V Kawasaki engine
  • Belt tension technology with self-adjustment
  • 10-gauge welded deck pattern
  • 6o inch triple blades
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Are you wondering which one is the best 60″ riding mower? Ariens 991151 Apex 60″ Zero-Turn Riding Mower it is! This top-line zero-turn mower comes with some commercial features that’ll blow your mind.

The deck lift system of this mower is foot-operated. The systems brought you 15 different positions for cutting in 1/4-in increments.

If you’re scouring for comfort, precision, durability in your riding mower, put your hands on Ariens APEX 60″ mower. It’s the best 60″ riding mower ruling in the business. A 5-½” deck design manufactured from 10-gauge steel adds much to it withstands ability.

The mower includes constant belt tension technology (CBT) that curtails heat while serving extra belt life. You can travel with it 8mph forward, and 4 mph reverse with this stunning creation

It features a 60″ triple-blade that needs less cutting time. The 24 V Kawasaki motor makes a tough opponent for other random mowers. Aluminum spindles in it safeguard the mower from unwanted heat and need no maintenance. Getting yourself a low-maintenance, high-end mower is no longer a fantasy!

Some of the purchasers have exclaimed that the mower’s blade rattles too much while operating. If you shut down the blades at high-speed, you may not face such inconvenience.

Summary: If you’re looking for a commercial riding mower, Ariens APEX 60″ riding mower can be your best choice. If you’re inclined to go for a less expensive zero-turn mower, you can purchase Ariens IKON XL 60 inch. It’ll pinch your pocket less.
👍 Pros:
  • Sturdy and withstanding
  • Commercial-grade features
  • Effortless adjustments
  • Requires no maintenance
👎 Cons:
  • Creates unwanted rattling

2. Ariens 915267 IKON XD 52″ Zero Turn Mower

Ariens 915267 IKON XD 52" zero Turn Mower

Specifications At A Glance:

  • 23 HP Kawasaki engine
  • 4″ deeply fabricated advanced airflow
  • High-back seat with padded armrests
  • Commercial-grade welded frames

Ariens 915267 IKON XD 52″ Zero Turn Mower is a stunning piece that offers you 13 cutting positions. Riding a power pact vehicle with superior features and a heavy-duty motor is no longer your dream. Getting such a boss within such a considerable price isn’t something usual.

If your lawn grass is in a length of 1½”-4½” you have the opportunity to select a cutting size from 13 different positions. Which makes your cutting and riding experience a bit more interesting.

Unlike The random riding mowers, Ariens 915267 IKON XD 52″ Mowers energy won’t reduce gradually. The 23 HP Kawasaki engine is so sturdy that you can ride this beast for years.

The commercial deck is 4″ deep fabricated for extra convenience. The tires of these riding mowers come with a massive diameter. Smoother and safer rides no longer require extra equipment if you go for this vehicle. The high-backseat in it also features a customizable armrest.

This riding mower is great for dry grass. But wet grasses can clog up in its blades. This point can make your riding experience a bit inconvenient. But you’ll not face major problems if you ride carefully.

Summary: This astonishing model of riding mower by Ariens is a brilliant preference for those who like zero-turn mowers. It’ll offer you an unforgettable riding experience. You can also purchase Ariens APEX 52″ Mower 991159. Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth it!
👍 Pros:
  • Heavy-duty
  • Comfortable
  • Customizable cutting positions
  • Additional strength and stability
👎 Cons:
  • Not suitable for the wet lawn area

3. Ariens IKON XD 42 Inch X Zero Turn Mower 915265

Ariens IKON XD 42 inch X Zero Turn Mower 915265

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Cutting width of 42″
  • 22HP sturdy engine
  • Unique cutting flow with 4″ deep fabricated airflow
  • 13different cutting positions (1 ½”- 4 ½”)

Ariens IKON XD 42” Zero Turn Mowers comes with a limited warranty. Buy this piece from a dealer, rather than any shop online or offline. That’ll aid you to take advantage of if the vehicle needs repair.

If you’re a fan of the Kohler engine, we’ve brought a good piece for you! Ariens IKON X 42″ is one the cream of the crop in the competition of 42-inch mowers. Enjoy 13 different cutting positions beginning from 1 ½” to 4 ½” seemingly. You can transform the cutting position for a quarter an inch every time.

Unlike mainstream riding mowers, this boon comes with 4″ gravely fabrication with premium airflow. The 22 HP engine featuring in it enhances your riding experience a tad more. You can ride and chop off your lawn area grasses without any inconvenience. Ariens riding mower 42-inch deck is perfect for commercial purposes.

The cutting width of Ariens IKON XD 42″ Zero Turn Mower is 42″. If you set the cutting length accordingly, you can clean the lawn area in less time. Set the settings in such a way that the length changes quarter an inch every time.

Summary: This anti-scalp wheel riding mower is the best choice for cutting lawn grasses seemingly. Getting such sharp blades with a heavy-duty vehicle is a good bid. Ariens 42 inch riding mower price is very cheap compared to the multi-features it offers. You can go for Ariens 18 HP 42″ Kawasaki mower if you’re a Kawasaki fan.
👍 Pros:
  • Easy-to-adjust
  • User-friendly settings
  • Premium cut quality
  • Comfy back-seat
👎 Cons:
  • Difficult ROPS bar

4. Ariens Edge 34 inch 19 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower 915243

Ariens Edge 34 inch 19 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower 915243

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Stamped deck size of 34″
  • Kohler 6000 engine of 660cc
  • Foot-operated deck lift
  • Sealed ball bearings

If you’re a Kohler fan and 34″ zero turn mowers are your type, Ariens Edge 34″ Zero Turn Mower is your thing. The 12-gauge steel manufactured deck size of 34″ adds to its durability. The 19 Hp engine is just perfect for riding the vehicle like a beast.

This 16 HP mower includes a foot-operated deck lift. You can set the intuitive control as per need. The purchaser has the freedom to adjust the height as they want.

Ariens Edge 34″ is another boon powered by this trending company. Now you don’t need extra equipment to adjust the deck size of your riding mower. The foot-operated deck lift secures the height you are comfortable with and assures intuitive control.

The 34″ stamped deck comes with premium airflow for a perfect cut. The customizable high-back seat enables you comfort and airflow without letting you spend a ton. Ariens gives you the opportunity of enjoying 6mph forward and 3 mph reverse speed with this masterpiece.

Ariens Edge 34″ Zero Turn Mower has a 16 Horsepower engine. Some of the experts say that the engine isn’t powerful enough compared to other rigid mowers. But it’s a profitable bid within such a moderate budget.

Summary: Ariens has been serving its purchasers for a very long time. Ariens Edge 34″ Mower is one of its proud inventions. Most of the purchasers have come up with positive feedback. Going for this A-1 product will help you break a leg!
👍 Pros:
  • Heavy-duty
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable high-back seat
  • Foot-operated deck
👎 Cons:
  • Better options available at the same price

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Ariens Riding Mower

Getting a riding mower is one of the most substantial parts of your gardening. Taking care of your lawn with a riding mower is pretty impossible.

Here, we’ve penned out some points that you need to consider while buying Ariens riding mower. Let’s take a look!


While going through some research, we discovered that most of the customers look for lawn mowers at a budget-friendly price. Paying for a lawnmower is a pretty big investment. And none wants a sunk cost. That’s why it’s better to set a budget before getting a lawnmower for your lawn area. Considering the quality and withstand ability will make your work easier. Make sure that you don’t splash your cash on a limbo.


No matter which product you’re going to buy, brands come with some loyalty assurance. People don’t trust brands out of anything. A certain brand usually serves people for decades and earns people’s trust in return. Not all brands offer you outstanding performance. Unlike the non-brand ones, they’re at least answerable to you in adverse conditions.

Lawn Area

You can see many trending riding mowers in the market. But they differ based on your lawn area. There are some riding lawn mowers that are perfect for small areas. Some, on the other hand, suits well with larger lawns. Go for a rider that covers your whole lawn area at least once in one fuel tank or charge. It has to be easily controllable as well.

Engine Power

The horsepower of your engine depicts how sturdy it is. Ariens Riding mowers are not all about shine and show-off. Your wheeled buddy is the lawn also has to be fast enough. Smaller lawns need 16 horsepower and medium-ranged demand up to 20 horsepower. Contrarily, you can’t cope without 24 horsepower in cases of a wider lawn.

Tank Size

You riding mowers tank size determines many things. The tank size of your riding mower will depict how much fuel you have to refill before a ride. The larger the tank, the fewer times it’ll require a refill. Smaller mowers come with a smaller tank. But that’s enough for tiny lawn areas. Larger riding mowers demand more fuel as it has a larger tank. If you purchase a large riding mower, you’ll have problems in managing it. But for a large lawn area, it’s the best.


No matter how many features a riding mower offers you, it’s not worthy if it’s unsafe. Your vehicle has to come with safety gear for installation and operation. Otherwise, there are chances that the rider will hurt himself. Safety gears will also enhance your confidence while riding.

How To Operate Ariens Riding Lawn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers are always a top-coat preference for larger yards. Their cutting speed and durability have made them out of the world! Before you operate this boon, you need to figure out how to operate it. We’ve briefed about it here-

  1. Sit properly in the seat. Otherwise, the engine will shut off.
  2. Press the brake on the left.
  3. Release the parking brake depending on whether it’s a lever or a knob.
  4. Change your gear to neutral.
  5. Find out the throttle lever and change it into choke position.
  6. Put the key into the ignition switch.
  7. Switch the key to the right.
  8. Take back the throttle into its old position.
  9. Make sure that the mower is maintaining proper fuel level.
  10. Wiggle the spark plug.
  11. Purchase solenoid if necessary. You can buy them from stores or online.
  12. A dying battery can’t run the mower you’ve bought. Purchase a new battery if the old one’s no more functioning.
  13. Replace or clean the filter. Make sure that it’s not damaged.
  14. Clean out the carburetor. Replace it if it’s past functioning. Clear out the fuel filter as well.

About The Brand: Ariens

It was 1958 when Ariens entered the lawn and yard market with its very first riding mower. The Ariens expanded their business when they inaugurated their manufacturing plant in Brillion, Wisconsin in 1963.

It was a manufacturing plant of nearly 23,000 sq. feet. They have been serving their customers with sincerity and excellence for decades. From their first rototiller in 1933 to their zero-point mower, success has been the other name of Ariens.

They have recruited nearly 1400 specialists to provide you with exquisite performance. The riding mowers by Ariens are on trend for a very long time. It’s a tough opponent for the rivals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is driving a zero-turn mower challenging?

Even though the zero-turn mowers seem very complicated to ride, they’re not. Ariens’ zero-turn mower comes with a lot of advantages that you can’t even think of. Unlike traditional mowers, it lets you control the steering on both sides. The levers let you control the steering better than the steering wheel. The swift performance, high-back seat, and deck ensures safety with swag.

How do Ariens riding mowers perform on slopes?

Like random riding mowers, Ariens riding mowers do not rattle or jerk on slopes. The high-back seat ensures that you enjoy the ride in safety measures.


Riding mowers aren’t something that you buy daily. Going for an A-1 mower will transform your lawn experience. In this informative article, we’ve chronicled some of the top-grade Ariens riding mowers. Be it for personal or commercial purposes, you need to pay your riches on the best!

Ariens riding mower reviews are the ultimate solution for you if you’re going for a new riding mower. We’ve been through several customer reviews and research to present you with this piece of gem. Let us know if you find it worth your glance!

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