Best 34-Inch Zero Turn Mower in 2022 [Reviews & Guide]

Have you got an odd-sized lawn? We mean a size that is not suitable for a walk-behind mower or not worth spending over $4000 on a riding mower.

Worry no more because the best 34-inch zero-turn mowers are the right machines for the job. We have researched and selected such models that are within your budget and capable enough to mow yards under 2 acres.

In this article, our review, along with the guide, can help you decide without any hesitation. So, let’s get started by knowing who can be benefited the most from a 34” zero turn lawnmower.

Our Recommended Top 34-Inch Zero-Turn Mower At a Glance:

Best Overall: Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower

Runner-Up: Ariens Edge 34-inch Zero Turn Mower

Best Budget: Ariens Zoom 34” Zero Turn Lawn Mower

What Is A 34-Inch Zero Turn Mower?

A cutting deck of 34 inches in diameter is the definition of a 34-inch Zero Turn Mower. For those who don’t know much about a zero-turn mower, for them, simply it is a riding mower that can turn on its axis, creating a zero-degree radius.

The significance of 34” cutting diameter is that you can mow small or medium-sized lawns without spending much time. Because of the size and price, this type of mower has some limitations. So, don’t get too much excited before knowing if it can help you.

Do You Really Need A 34” Zero Turn Mower?

  • The first and biggest warning of all is not to choose a 34” zero turn mower if your lawn has slopes more than 10 degrees. These mowers are very unstable on uphill and downhill.
  • 34” ZTRs (zero-turn) come with small fuel tanks that are capable of only 2 gallons at a time. So, mowing large areas is not possible without a refill, and it also takes more time for its small deck size.
  • The weight distribution of such ZTR mowers is not well-balanced. So, take as many test-runs as you need to get the hang of the drive.
  • Another flaw we’ve noticed is the weak grip of the rear wheels. If the grass is wet, you will face difficulties and a lack of control. However, you can solve this issue by changing the tire or wrapping up the wheels with chains.
  • Maneuvering small objects or roots of large trees is very difficult with our selected models. It is true not only for the recommended models but also for others in the market.

If you are okay with the issues, 34” zero turn lawn mowers can genuinely help you. Also, don’t lose hope seeing all those negative sides. Let’s talk about some benefits to bring back your confidence.

  • Zero-turns are faster than lawn tractors, and it can turn without taking much space, which is really helpful for many homeowners.
  • As these are economic models, you should not doubt their build-quality. The 12-gauge deck and heavy-duty construction can withstand years of rough use.
  • The models come with an integrated brake as safety measures. You can apply the breaks with the lap bars while in a neutral position.
  • They are by default side-discharging mowers, but you can buy kits to turn them into mulching or bagging lawnmowers.

That is enough info for beginners, and now, it is time for the reviews.

Top 3 Best 34-Inch Zero-Turn Mower – The Reviews

1. Best Overall: Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Engine: 452cc Troy-Bilt Dual EZT
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 Gal
  • Speed: 7 MPH
  • Cutting height: 1.25” – 3.75”
  • Deck Height Positions: 8
  • Body Material: Steel

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Powerful and reliable 452 cc Troy-Bilt engine, faster speed, and thicker deck material are the main reasons we’ve selected this as our top pick.

Besides, the Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit comes with the capability of mowing 1 to 2 acres of land. It is possible because of its 2-gallon fuel tank capacity and 7 MPH speed.

It has 2 very sharp blades comprising its total cutting width of 34 inches. With the right kit, you can either choose side discharging or mulching options.

The riding mower has 8 different deck height adjustment settings ranging from 1.25” to 3.75”. You can manually and easily adjust the height using the lever on the right side.

Durability is another big reason to consider this model as it has a 13-gauge steel construction. Also, the suspension on the rear axle increases its longevity and ensures comfortable riding.

Additional benefits of this mower are that you can buy a 2-bin bagger to collect the grass and use its deck wash port to clean the debris quickly.

So, is this the best bet?

Troy-Bilt Mustang has the perfect specs and features that one expects from a 34” lawnmower. Under 3000 bucks, you won’t get a better engine with a combination of necessary mowing abilities.

Summary: Smooth riding, durable construction, high-quality blades, and powerful Troy-Bilt engine are the main factors that helped this model to stay ahead of the competition.
👍 Pros:
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy operability
  • Durability and reliability
  • Faster speed
  • Reliable engine
👎 Cons:
  • Odd placement of the height-adjustment lever

2. Runner-Up: Ariens Edge 34-inch Zero Turn Mower

Ariens Edge 34-inch Zero Turn Mower

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Engine: 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 Gal
  • Speed: 6 MPH
  • Cutting height: 1.5” – 4.5”
  • Deck Height Positions: 7
  • Body Material: Steel

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If you see the specs and features of this Ariens 34” zero turn mower, you will declare it as the best for sure. But we couldn’t do that for its engine. Ariens uses Briggs and Stratton engine to manufacture this model.

So, the engine is not efficient or balanced as the others earning Edge 34 a second place on the list.

Why are we even considering it?

Now, don’t think that Ariens Edge 34 is all bad. There are some admirable features of this mower that are preferred by lawn owners.

The first one is the capability of the engine, which is 660 cc, and it is more powerful than the top-pick. With a 2-gallon fuel tank, you can mow the lawn of up to 2 acres at 6 MPH speed.

Cutting grasses with its two sharp steel blades is like slicing through the butter by a knife. The deck has 7 height-adjustment options ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches.

When it comes to other features like durability, bagging or mulching option, and cleaning, this model is not different than the Troy-Bilt Mustang.

Summary: If you are not comfortable with the less powerful engine from Troy-Bilt, you can get Ariens Edge 34. It is also best for its ergonomic and comfortable seat with a rear suspension.
👍 Pros:
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Durable build quality
  • Foot-operated deck height adjustment
  • Wide range of cutting height
  • Comfortable seat
👎 Cons:
  • Briggs and Stratton engine

3. Best Budget: Ariens Zoom 34” Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom 34” Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Engine: 19 HP KOHLER 6000 series V-Twin
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 Gal
  • Speed: 6 MPH
  • Cutting height: 1.5” – 4.5”
  • Deck Height Positions: 7
  • Body Material: Steel

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Honestly, we were stunned while reviewing Ariens Zoom 34” zero turn mower. Instead of the runner-up model, we would like to suggest you to choose this zero turn budget model, which runs on a Kohler engine. For such a price tag, you can get our recommended brand’s engine.

The mower also has other features and specs that match the Edge 34 model. For example, it has the same powerful V-Twin engine, 12-gauge steel deck, 1.5”-4.5” cutting height range, 6 MPH speed, and 2-gallon fuel tank.

Also, it has all 3 mowing options, namely mulching, side-discharging, and bagging. After cutting the grass, you can connect your garden hose to its deck and clean it easily.

Its foot-operated height adjustment mechanism makes it a professional tool. From 7 different options, you can get the perfect cut within minutes. So, it is clear that you can rely on and consider this model seriously.

Summary: Under 2000 bucks, getting Kohler engine and other standard features of a 34” zero turn mower really makes this one praise worthy. It is powerful, fast, and capable of handling small to mid-sized lawns perfectly.
👍 Pros:
  • Fast and powerful
  • Easy deck-height adjustment
  • Kohler engine
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comfortable seat
👎 Cons:
  • Not good on slopes

Key Features Of The Best 34-Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower

We have gathered some essential parameters that will help you choose the best 34” zero turn lawnmower.


The power of an engine is responsible for fast-mowing and maneuverability. The only known issue we have found is about the Briggs and Stratton engine. Only Ariens Edge 34” zero turn mower on our list features that brand.

The other two models have better engine quality and performance. However, the power of the engine measured in HP or cc is also a deciding factor. You can rely on a 34” mower if it has more than 400 cc or 14 HP engine.

Fuel Tank Capacity

After the engine power, focus on the fuel tank capacity of the mower. As 34” mowers are not supposed to mow large lawns, they come with small tank sizes. Here, 2 gallon is sufficient to cut the grass of 1 or 1.5 acres of land.


With a more powerful engine comes more speed and stability. But 34” mowers are not capable of handling a lot of speed, and over 5 MPH is a good standard in this category.

Height-Of-Cut Adjustments

The range of cutting height of a mower is crucial as it indirectly affects the lawn’s health. You should choose a mower that offers a minimum of 1.5” and a maximum of 3.5” cut.

Drive System

All of the models in our 34-inch zero turn mower review comes with a dual hydrostatic transmission system. You control the speed of the back wheels using two lap bars to control the speed or make a turn.


Ergonomic design and high back are the features you should look for in a riding mower’s seat. As one needs to ride for hours, the seat design must support one’s back, preventing back pain or fatigue.


The materials used to build the body is directly linked to the durability of the mower. After checking the quality of the selected models and the user reviews, we saw that all of them use strong and durable steel with rustproof coating.

The blades are also made of steel that lasts years without losing its sharpness. Also, the manufacturers test the mowers under extreme conditions to ensure safety and reliability.


Like all twin EZT hydrostatic transmission systems, 34” lawnmowers also come with standard brakes and safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do 34” zero turn mowers have brakes?

Yes, 34” zero turn mowers have brakes integrated with the transmission mechanism. When the lap bars are in a neutral position and pushed outwards, the parking breaks are enabled.

Is 34” zero turn mowers worth it?

Yes, 34” zero turn mowers are worth your investment if you have a lawn that is 1 or 2 acres. But it is not suitable for high hills or slopes because of its design limitations. If you have a plain land that is too large to use push mowers, zero turn lawn mower will be the solution.


Spending over 4000 bucks on a riding zero turn lawn mower is not so wise for lawns less than 2 acres. So, we have decided to review the best 34-inch zero-turn mowers that are under $3000.

These are capable models due to their powerful engines and other necessary features. So, you won’t face trouble mowing, managing grass clippings, and cleaning the machine.

Mulching, side discharging, or bagging; no matter what your requirements are, you can rely on any of the models reviewed above. So, fix a budget, choose one, and keep your lawn healthy.

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