Best Blades For Bad Boy Mower [Review & Guide]

One time or the other, we have all had to mow the lawn and the backyard, which isn’t the easiest task. But I have to say that the work can be made much easier if we have the bad boy mower and the right blade to go with it.

What is the right blade you might ask. And to answer that question, I would say that the right blade would be one that works efficiently and gets the job done without having to go over the same spot repeatedly.

So, to make your pursuit of finding the best blades for bad boy mower easier, I am going to give all the information you need about 5 different blades so you can choose one that fits your requirements best.

Top 5 Best Blades For Bad Boy Mower Review

As you need to pick from several blades, we’re here to make your task easier by reviewing the blades that are considered quality out there.

1. MowerPartsGroup (3) Zero Turn Bad Boy Replacement Blades

MowerPartsGroup (3) Zero Turn Bad Boy Replacement Blades

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The zero-turn replacement blades are the first ones we are going to be discussing as this is by far one of the best bad boy mower blades replacement. They also require minimum maintenance, as you don’t need to sharpen them before use.

Being a good fit is a matter of great importance. You would have to keep that in mind while making the purchase as the wrong size is going to guarantee the return of the item. As these ones are especially-made replacement for the original blades in the Bad Boy mowers, they fit in perfectly.

Now, these blades will be working about every week or every other week, and depending on the size of your lawn, you might be a heavy user of the lawnmower. In this case, you would expect to see some wearing soon in your blades as they tend to lose their sharpness. However, these blades might be slimmer than the original ones but will work fine for about two seasons.

The last thing you might find to be a great plus point here is how easy it is to replace. Often we tend to procrastinate and delay tasks because of how difficult it is to get started, but this will take no time to install, so there is no need to procrastinate.

  • You don’t have to pay a hefty price for the replacement
  • Nice, clean, and trimmed lawn every time with these blades
  • More durable in comparison to other blades
  • Does not require sharpening before each use
  • Uneven wearing of the blade, mostly towards the middle because of the curved design

2. MowerPartsGroup (3) Hi-Lift Blades Fits Bad Boy 48” MZ

MowerPartsGroup (3) Hi-Lift Blades Fits Bad Boy 48” MZ

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Like the previous one I discussed before, this blade too is a very good fit for the Bad Boy mower. This model is ideal for the 48” one. Many people have found this to be the ideal replacement after the first-batch blades have worn off after use.

As I said, this blade has been made to replace the blades in the Bad Boy 48” MZ and MZ Magnus, both of which require a set of three-blade for the best cut. That is exactly what you will be getting when you buy this set. It comes with 3 pieces, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Something great about these blades is that they will work great for a very long time. Our lawns have various roots and twigs, which might, in most cases, easily wear out the blades, but not with this one. You would be able to get very good use out of this the entire season and still get perfectly clean cuts after.

Along with all of that, you will absolutely love how fast you can get the job does as the blades will defiantly be able to keep up with the mower.

  • Will be able to get the mowing done in no time
  • Great build, which is why it lasts a long time
  • Is a perfect fit for the model of mowers it was made for
  • Is very easy to install
  • Does not cost a lot of money
  • The blades start thinning out after some use

3. MowerPartsGroup P591 (6) Heavy Duty Blades

MowerPartsGroup P591 (6) Heavy Duty Blades

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This set of six blades was made mainly as a replacement for Bad Boy 54” Deck, the first one I spoke of was also for that, but the design is a little different. That has a curved design, but this one has a straight edge, which means the results you get from this replacement will be a little different.

One of the main good things about the blades is the build. They are very tough, so you will be able to use it for a lot of time and don’t have to worry about the roots and twigs destroying the blade.

Most of the time, we see that the blades come in a set of three; this, however, comes in a set of 6. So not only will you be buying yourself a set of replacement for the primary blades of your Bad Boy Mower, but with this, you will get a replacement for your replacement.

This is a very convenient option for you since you won’t have to remember to place another order after.

All in all, this is a great deal for you as the product is very reasonably priced and of great quality. You will get the maximum output from it, which is sure to leave your lawn looking clean and nice.

  • A perfect fit for the 54” Bad Boy Mowers
  • Inexpensive in comparison to many other replacement blades
  • Great customer and after-sales service
  • Does not fit many other mowers

4. Bad Boy Zero True Mower Replacement 60” Deck Blades

Bad Boy Zero True Mower Replacement 60” Deck Blades

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Most mowers require very specific kinds of blades when it comes to the right fit. You will need to buy blades that are of a particular length. But there are a bunch of unique features different types of blades might have, and the one I am covering now has a few additional features too.

Since the blades were made specifically for the Bad Boy Mower ZT 60″, they are most likely to be a perfect fit. Some people might be a little confused by the size, but if you put the replacement blades besides the original ones, then you will be able to see that they are of the same length, even though there is some difference in the thickness.

Along with being the perfect fit, these blades are also very fast and efficient. This is a feature many people will find to be of great importance as no one wants to spend a long time every week mowing their lawns to perfection. So, when you find something that gets the job done fast, then you know you have found a winner!

Another thing you want the blades to be good at doing is to get close trims. Otherwise, the grass, twigs, and roots will pop out and look undone. And this one delivers in this department.

  • A reasonably priced replacement
  • Highly durable and lasts more than one season
  • Does not require frequent sharpening
  • The blades get stuck at times, so you have to fix the issue

5. Lawn Mower Blades for Bad Boy Zero Turn 61”

Lawn Mower Blades for Bad Boy Zero Turn 61”

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Unlike most other replacement blades of mowers, this particular one will offer you over 6 blades for your mower. This comes in handy as there are times when you need to replace the blades but don’t have any in hand. With this one, you will be able to change it up when the first three lose their sharpness and ability to cut grass properly.

Now, you might have some experience with buying replacement blades that are of the wrong size and might know what an inconvenience they propose. You won’t be able to install it properly and therefore will not be able to get nice and clean cuts. If you do get it for the 60” Bad Boy Mower, then you will have nothing to complain as it is most likely of being the ideal fit.

These blades are very similar to the blades that come with the Bod Boy Mowers, as they have the same length as well as the thickness. As the length is needed for the right fit, the thickness is needed when you do not want to see any premature wearing on the blades. Thin blades are more likely to lose their efficiency than the thick ones.

The last comment I am going to add about these blades is that they are a great deal. You will get 6 blades at a very reasonable price; you can’t really go wrong here.

  • Does not show signs of wearing after a season
  • Comes in a set of 6 blades
  • Easy to clean after each cut
  • Will not fit most mowers as the blades are much larger

Buyers Guide Blades For Bad Boy Mower

When buying replacement blades for your lawnmower, especially these Bad Boy Mowers, you need to be careful. I am going to briefly discuss the important factors below so you know what you should be looking for when you are picking out blades.

The Blade’s Material

The first thing you would want to look into is the material those blades have been built with. You will be presented with a few options when it comes to the material, and this is one choice you have absolute freedom of making as this is not going to be dependent on the kind of mower you have.

If you get lower quality metal, then it will cost you a lot less money, but you will have to keep looking for replacements, and they will not leave you with the best looking lawn. Stainless steel is most likely to give you the best outcome as it will work well, and you do not have to replace it every few months.

The Blade’s Length

One of the main things you have to look into when purchasing replacement blades is their length. If you choose the incorrect length, then you will not be able to install it into your lawnmower, so be very mindful when looking at the size.

You will find blades sized ranging from 16 inches to about 22 inches in length, and many mowers can accommodate blades as long as 22 inches. But smaller mowers will not present you with that option, and the larger mowers will pose a problem if you install blades that are too small.

So, try to find a size that will work for your mower specifically rather than getting a generic size.

The Blade’s Deck Size

And the last thing you would need to consider when purchasing blades for your lawnmower is the deck size. This isn’t as important as the other two I spoke of before, but you should still keep an eye on it. You should get a deck size of 16-30 inches in most mowers, but there are some which require a larger size. So find one that is compatible with your mower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to find a blade size that is exactly the same size as the blades my lawnmower came with?

The length of the original blade is optimal, but it is not a requirement that it has to be the exact same size. As long as your lower allows a different size to be installed, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Should I splurge on a really good blade which will last a long time or should buy something cheaper?

I have always been one to believe buying something good, which lasts a long time, is a better option. In the end of the day, it will cost you the same amount, and you will get a much better cut with the good blades.

How long does a blade typically last?

This mainly depends on how often you use the lawnmower; the more you use, the quicker they will wear out. But you should make do with them for a season with heavy use.


I hope by now you know how to find the best blades for bad boy mower. Remember, you will be presented with many options when you are on the lookout for them. You have to find out when you are looking for and match it with blades to find the right fit. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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