Best Grapple Bucket For Skid Steer Reviews In 2022

Have land covered with bush and other plant materials that you want to clear off? If so, then we got you covered, for you need a grapple bucket for skid steer to clean up that piece of land.

Grapple bucket can be easily attached to your skid steer, and they will hold the untamed bushes, roots, wood pieces, etc. This will enhance the efficiency and manageability of the waste until you complete their disposal.

In this article, you will find reviews of some of the top options for the best grapple bucket for skid steer and a buying guide for them. So, you can find everything you need in one stop.

Top 5 Best Skid Steer Grapple Bucket Reviews

Below are reviews of five top products with pros and cons that you can use to make the best choice from an array of options in the market.

1. Titan 48″ Mini Skid Steer Rock Bucket Grapple Attachment

Titan 48" Mini Skid Steer Rock Bucket Grapple Attachment

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This titan attachment can fit with a universal skid steer easily and is a pro at getting the job done.

Weighing a mere 290 pounds, and with a smaller size, this rock bucket can tackle tight spaces while being efficient in lifting rocks.

With its small skid steer quick attach, it can be used with almost all skid steers. This allows you to remain free of worry since you will not have to modify your tractor.

The jaw can be opened 14 inches wide, which is sufficient for grabbing onto the rocks, brushes, logs, pipes, etcetera. Its tines are structured to keep the waste in the bucket while letting the excess dirt return to the ground through the 1-inch space between the tines.

All accessories needed to install the product like hoses, couplings, bushings, etcetera are provided in the package. You won’t have to run to the hardware store for this.

Though this bucket is not built for heavy-duty, it can take care of moderate level cleaning quite smoothly. You will have an easier time moving all rocks and debris to a suitable disposing area with this one.

  • Can be used with almost all skid steers
  • Mini size can get into tight spaces
  • Comes with hoses and couplings
  • Has been reasonably priced
  • Not built for heavy-duty work
  • Not suitable for industrial use

2. 60″ Heavy Duty Root Grapple Bucket Skid Steer Attachment

60" Heavy Duty Root Grapple Bucket Skid Steer Attachment

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This 650 pounds grapple bucket from Titan Attachments is most suitable for removing heavy logs, roots, and other waste materials blocking your land.

It is perfectly capable of biting down into the ground and pulling out all the roots, stones, and debris easily, leaving clear soil behind.

The grapple bucket can be easily hooked up to your universal skid steer and comes with a hose spring that allows smooth operation by keeping the hydraulic pipes from collapsing.

With pins and bearings that can be oiled and a feature of cylinder back stoppers, the upper jaw is kept functional at all times. Moreover, it does not get stuck in an extended position.

It also comes with a Twin 3000 PSI cylinder along with hoses and flat-faced couplers, so you do not need to buy anything else with the product.

The jaw can be opened wide, to about 60 inches, and with teeth length and width of 24 inches and half an inch respectively, it can catch logs, roots, gravel, brushes, and other heavyweight objects with ease.

  • Jaws open wide enough to clamp a huge variety of materials.
  • Comes with all required hardware
  • Suitable for almost all skid steers through its universal skid steer attachment
  • Won’t cost you an enormous amount of money
  • Does not come with many details

3. ES 72″ Rock Bucket Grapple Skid Steer Quick Attach 

ES 72" Rock Bucket Grapple Skid Steer Quick Attach 

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This rock grapple bucket from ES Attachments will efficiently remove rocks and debris from your land to a suitable area for their disposal. You have my words on that.

It is constructed using high-quality steel and a quarter of inch teeth of steel that ensure the strength of this product. The powder-coated black finish makes it resistant to rust and corrosion and lengthens life.

The teeth have sufficient size to combat rocks of any size and are designed such that the scooped debris doesn’t fall over.

This rock bucket has only one cylinder and can be quickly fixed with skid steers and tractors by its universal quick attach system.

With a dimension of 72 inches by 34 inches by 27 inches and its heavy build, this one is standard rock bucket for heavy-duty with a machine of 65 HP.

Tine spacings are given a sufficient width for it to accommodate debris and sift dirt at the same time. So this rock bucket will not leave your land devoid of dirt.

  • High strength construction with Grade 50 steel
  • Resists rust with powder coating
  • Ideal for heavy-duty work
  • Slightly expensive

4. Titan Attachments 82″ Rock Bucket Grapple Skeleton Loader

Titan Attachments 82" Rock Bucket Grapple Skeleton Loader

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If you are planning to change the scenery of your lawn or any of your land that has not been properly cared for or any industrial use, then this loader can serve you well.

This heavy loader, with a weight of 1200 pounds, has a width of 82 inches on the inside that is able to hold large amounts of debris at a time. With this bucket, your job will be completed in half the time.

Moreover, it is built with 3″ by 3″ steel tubing and a half-inch steel to prepare the grapple bucket for heavy-duty. Its powder-coating allows it to last longer.

The grapple bucket comes with 6 teeth, which can be replaced when required, and with an open bottom for filtering out the dirt, it is able to work with only the waste and debris, without disrupting the land.

Two hydraulic cylinders of 2.5″ bore by 8″ stroke, hoses, and couplers are also provided along with the loader. With its universal attachment system, it can be used with any skid steer or tractor. No need for any modification, just fix the loader and get to work.

  • Has an open bottom that keeps only the waste material, leaving the dirt behind.
  • Fit for industrial use
  • Compatible with any skid steer and tractor
  • Teeth can be replaced to increase its duration of service
  • The grapple may hit the machine when in use

5. 60″ HD Root Grapple Rake for Tractor

60" HD Root Grapple Rake for Tractor

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This Titan attachment is great if you want to change the face of your landscape or your lawn. It will comfortably serve your industrial uses as well.

It features universal skid steer attachment, which enables it to connect to any skid steer, in addition to being compatible with other tractors, loaders, and other such vehicles.

This grappling bucket has a great build that is suitable for heavy-duty. It weighs around 800 pounds and has a 60 inches wide bucket that can be opened up to a height of 50 inches. This ensures sufficient space for compiling roots and brushes.

The grapple rake has 0.5 inches of thickness and 35.5 inches long tines of the same thickness. The tines are strong enough to handle heavy weight logs and roots.

Though the build makes the product strong, it is also provided with a twin 3000 PSI cylinder that aids in reaching a superior strength to handle its loads.

You can relax with this top-notch grapple rake as its teeth can be replaced if ever damaged over the years.

  • Can be fitted with a variety of tractors and skid steers
  • Comes with twin 3000 PSI cylinder that increases strength for lifting heavyweight
  • All required accessories are included within the package
  • Comes with replaceable teeth
  • No significant drawbacks

Buying Guide Grapple Bucket For Skid Steer

Before you decide to invest in a product, you should focus on some factors which will definitely allow you to make a more sound decision. Some of them are discussed below.


Each grapple bucket comes with different specifications that line out the type of work each of them is suitable for.

Though grapple buckets are generally versatile, there will be some disadvantages if they are not used in their line of work. A rock grapple bucket will not pick up roots as efficiently as a root grapple bucket can and vice versa.

To get the most out of your grapple bucket, you need to consider exactly what you will need it for. Get the one that will most suit your needs instead of the most popular model in the market.


The features of a product are what make it efficient. It is important to understand how each feature will help you so you can get the maximum efficiency.

Consider what you need to get the job done. What is good for others may not be a good option for you. If using a small size bucket to haul the debris to another location is time-consuming for you, it will help others clear compact spaces with ease.

If it takes a lot of effort to use a smaller bucket on your part, then it’s wise to get something of a larger size unless you have to get in those tight areas too.

Look at its dimensions. Is the tine size large enough? Will the bottom sift out the dirt? Does it have suitable connections to attach to your skid steer? Does it have enough strength to do all the lifting?


We, as consumers, always want the best deal out there. This sometimes leads to getting a product that is devoid of some essential features.

Get a clear idea of the costs of a suitable grapple bucket to avoid this. That being said, you shouldn’t also go for a pricey one without carefully evaluating the product for the features you need your grapple bucket to have.

Keep in mind that the cost of the product should also offer a good warranty and all the required accessories so that you don’t have to roam around the market for matching parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are all grapple bucket compatible with skid steers?

Not all grapple buckets are compatible, only the ones that feature a universal attachment are compatible with the skid steers that also feature the same system.

Which one should I buy?

This mainly depends on your usage. Buy the type that will serve your purpose well. If you have to do a lot of industrial work on a hard surface, a flat bottomed grapple will be most suitable for you. But if you are landscaping, get a rock or root grapple.

Do I need to maintain a grapple bucket?

All products should be maintained to keep them in top-notch condition, and a grapple bucket is no different in this regard. You should oil the joints from time to time in the least and refer to the user manual for any particular instructions.

Final Words

A grapple bucket for you will make the difference between effective work and ineffective, unpleasant work experience.

The latter can be prevented by choosing wisely, which is now easier for you now that you know how to pick the best grapple bucket for skid steer.

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