7 Best Lawn Mower Lifts (Reviews and Guide in 2022)

There is no substitute for a lawnmower lift when you have to perform routine checkups or repairing works. A lawnmower lift helps you a lot, as it serves you with your desired height for the mower. And lifting your mower requires less time using a top-grade lawn mower lift.

But how do you know which are the best lawn mower lifts? It should have a good weight lifting capacity, safer side lifting design, adjustable wheel span, Non-slip foot pedal, and should bet fit most zero-turn garden tractors, riding mowers, ATVs, and push mowers.

In this article, I have chronicled every detail that might be handy for your purchase. Read the full article thoroughly and find your suitable one at the end.

Now, let’s Have a Glance of My Top Picked Lawn Mower Lifts That you Can Buy in 2021:

500 lb. capacity, Over 26” Lifting Height, adjustable wheel span, fits most zero-turn garden tractors, riding mowers, ATVs, and push mowers.

Safety lock, Rubber padded platform, Non-slip foot pedal, Easily maneuverable and adjustable, 350 lbs. Lifting capacity, 23 inches lifting height from the ground

Safer side lift design, Dual locking devices, lift arm up to 35 inches high, folds flat for compact storage, Heavy-duty steel construction, trouble-free use

Lift your equipment approximately 19” off the ground, use from any angle, of 800 pounds lifting capacity, wider tooth

Lifts up to 28-inches, 750 lbs Lifting capacity, Easily raise mower with one hand or a power drill


250 lbs Lifting capacity, 20″ high Lifting height, Easily lifted with one hand or a power drill, Folds flat for easy, compact storage

Lift manually or with a powered drill, EZ max folds flat for easy storage, easy to assemble; use and store, fits most residential tractor and ZTR mowers

The 7 Best Lawn Mower Lifts: My Honest Review

These mower lifts below have all the top-graded features of their selective categories. Check them out to ensure a better purchasing experience!

1. Top Pick: Pro-Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift Pro-Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

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If you have no intention to compromise while purchasing your desired mowing lift, go for Pro-Lift T-5305. Most of the experts suggest this lift as it offers a wide range of compatibility.

Pro-Lift T-5305 is a hydraulic lawn mower lift that offers you a capacity of 500 lbs. The brand has used welded solid steel to manufacture this lift. You can enjoy the privileges of four steel wheels and a positive dual locking safety latch.

This device lets you lift your lawnmower for up to 26inch. Be it cleaning work, blade work, or oil changing stuff, this desired height of the lift enables you to do it all.

It offers you a 19-1/4 to 42-½ inch wheel span that you can adjust with any ATV, push mower, and even riding mowers. If you want to transfer the weight on the lift, position the mower tires of your lift.

This lawn mower lift is easy to lift. You just have to release the Height Locking Levers to lower the load gradually. Pro-Lift T-5305 also features non-slip foot pads that ensure safety while operating. It’s the best piece you can ever put your hands on.

Summary: The pro-Lift store has been serving its customers with quality products since its discovery. And Pro-Lift T-5305 is no different. If you are willing to invest in a riding mower lift that provides you the highest compatibility, bring home this masterpiece.
👍 Pros:
  • The capacity of bearing 500lbs.
  • Lifting height range over 26”
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Rubber padded platform
  • Hydraulic foot pedal operation for weightless lifting
👎 Cons:
  • No issues found

2. Runner Up: Pro-Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

Pro-LifT T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

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Pro-LifT T-5335A is probably the best value hydraulic lawn mower lift that perfect for tractors and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

This mower lift features a safety lock that ensures that you can safely support the load. This lift lets you protect your machine through its rubber padded platform that prevents scratching.

This lifter is so maneuverable that you can use it with a wide variety of machines. You can lift a hydraulic riding mower of 350 lbs with Pro-LifT T-5335A. This brand has launched this device for lifting 23” for effortless execution. Besides, the wheel saddle in this model provides you maximum space.

The highlight of this hydraulic foot pedal execution makes it a top-notch hydraulic lawn mower lift. It has a lowering ability to put the riding mower in a neutral position.

Summary: Pro-LifT T-5335A is a worthy option for those who have a scour for a mower lift that lifts walk-behind mowers effortlessly. This Hydraulic-powered mower has made the lifting process easy and less expensive. The non-slip foot pedals in this convenient machine prioritize your security first.
👍 Pros:
  • Hydraulic foot pedal
  • Lifting capacity of 350 lbs
  • Non-slip foot pedal for security
  • Ability to lift 23 inches from the ground
  • Provides your room and quality for working safely
👎 Cons:
  • Not well-engineered

3. Best Value: CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Fast Lift Floor Jack 

CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Fast Lift Floor Jack 

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Getting a mower jack that has the most inevitable and durable side-lift design isn’t easy. But this low-profile riding mower jack by CAT store is a simple solution to your sufferings.

Crawling underneath your mower comes to an end with the CAT store jack for mowers. It includes a side lift design. That makes it easier for you to change blades and other stuff comfortably.

This mower lift is mostly known as a zero-turn lawn mower lift. Be it a zero-turn mower or a traditional one, you can use this jack with any model. It has a rear-wheel track that is up to 40-½” wide.

You can lift tires with width up to 11” using this jack by CAT store. The device lets you lift to 35” by pumping the foot paddle for raising the lift arm. I don’t think you will find any other mower lift that meets ASME PALD standards.

Summary: CAT 3 Ton Low Profile Jack is the best side design lifter available in the market. There are tons of side lift design jacks on business, but they don’t offer massive capability like this one. This jack enables you to collaborate with every type of mower with ease. The best thing about this device is you can store this durable jack in a compact place.
👍 Pros:
  • Durable side-lift design
  • Easy-to-store in compact storage
  • Dual locking device for extra security
  • Requires no pumping a jack handle
  • 600 lbs. Side-lift capacity
👎 Cons:
  • A bit bulky

4. Best for Push Mower: Jungle Jim’s Commercial or Push Mower Lift Jack

Jungle Jim's Commercial or Push Mower Lift Jack

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Jungle Jim’s Lift Jack is the ultimate solution for you if you’re wanting a lift jack that can lift the push mower from any side. Unlike cheap lift jacks, this product will ensure customers’ satisfaction, no matter from which side you’re lifting.

This steel-made lift by Jungle Jim is one of the most talked-about products in the market. Like every other production of this brand, Jungle Jim’s Lift Jack has been assigned in its field. This lift jack offers you every feature that you can ever have in your lifter.

Be it the front or rear of the jack, this lifter can lift it from every side. Besides having bigger feet, this device also features massive foot assist for bulky mowers. This jack has a safety arm that secures the jack while working underneath the mower.

This lift jack has a single hook which lets you lift the mower at an angle of 19” off the ground. The Jungle Jack is manufactured with a capacity of holding 800 pounds at a time.

Summary: Getting a lift jack that can bear 800 pounds and lift a mower from any side is hardly seen in this market. This list jack is a jack of all trades that has 2” tooth for adjusting with 90% of mowers. If you’re interested in buying a lifter that can lift from every side, Jungle Jim’s Lift Jack is never a sunk cost.
👍 Pros:
  • 800-pound lifting capacity
  • Bigger tires and larger foot
  • Wider tooth for wider decks
  • Single lifting ground 19” off the ground
  • The steel-made body ensures durability
👎 Cons:
  • Better options available at this price

5 .MoJack MJPRO 750-Pound Lift For Tractors And Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

 MoJack MJPRO 750-Pound Lift For Tractors And Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

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MoJack MJPRO Lift has turned out to be the savior for those who like a mower lifter that lifts commercial riding mowers. It has a lifting capacity of 750 lbs.

The front-wheel measurement of the MoJack MJPRO Lift is 32.5” to 62.5”. This riding mower can lift a riding mower for up to 28-inches. You can change the mower blades with safety and efficiency using this mower.

Be it a massive tractor or a zero-turn riding mower, you can adjust this lifter with them. You can easily lift this lifter with one hand or a power drill. MoJack Workbench adds a bit more effort to handle push mowers.

Folding and storing this lifter in compact storage is not a big deal if you buy this lift. This lifter gives you the privilege to collaborate on a power drill as well. You can perform blade replacement, debris removal, and repair easily.

Summary: The problem of finding a lifter for a commercial riding mower comes to an end with MoJack MJPRO Lift. You can lift commercial riding mowers using this lifter by MoJack store, as it has a capacity of 750 lbs.
👍 Pros:
  • Safety-lock prevents slipping
  • Ensures changing mower blades
  • Fits any lawn tractor or ZTR mower
  • Lifting capacity of 750lbs of convenience
  • Self-braking winch for user compatibility
👎 Cons:
  • Lackings in quality control

6. MoJack ZR Lawn Tractor Lift w/ 250lb Capacity

MoJack ZR Lawn Tractor Lift w/ 250lb Capacity

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MoJack ZR Lawn Tractor Lift is an affordable option for those who have been thinking of buying a manual or power-drill lift. This mower lift offers all the features that a high-end lift offers.

A MoJack mower lift is always a safe option to choose if you’re willing to invest in something worth it. If you fear that you may end buying a limbo lifter for your manual or power drill mower, this brand is your only choice.

It comes with a lifting capacity of 250 lbs. The lifting height of this lawn tractor lift is 20”. You can adjust this piece with any ZTR small lift or lawn tractor. The wheel span measurement is 17.5″-45″ in it.

You can easily lift it with a power drill or your hand. Even if you have

compact storage, you can fold it and store it.

Summary: As a power-drill operated lift, I think it’s a profitable bid to consider. Maximum customers have agreed that it’s a great machine powered by MoJack. It has an impressive lifting capacity and effortless operation at once. You can single-handedly use this lift for lifting purposes.
👍 Pros:
  • MoJack wheel pad design
  • 250lbs lifting capacity for front end only
  • Fits every lawn tractor and ZTR mower
  • Easy-to-lift using your hand or power-drill
  • Combination of the scissor lift and
  • 17.5″-43.5″ wheel size measurement
👎 Cons:
  • Prevents the mower from rolling over
  • Faulty straps

7. MoJack EZ Max – Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

 MoJack EZ Max - Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

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I have met a lot of customers who are worried about their tight storage space for their mower lift. For those, I suggest MoJack EZ Max Lawn Mower Lift.

There is a myth that a lawnmower lift demands massive storage space. MoJack has broken the taboo with its latest discovery – MoJack EZ Max Lawn Mower Lift.

Now you can lift your residential lawn mower and store your lifter in a tight space at the same time. It is a decent lift for zero-turn residential mowers. You can also use this as an electric lawn mower lift.

This mower life will be great for your blade sharpening, debris removal, and other chores. This mower lift can collaborate with most of the mowers and tractors. You can assemble MoJack EZ Max because of its patented design.

Summary: You can MoJack EZ Max fold for easy storage now. This package includes everything that you might need to install the lifter. Maximum lawnmowers demand vast space for storage. Thanks to this reputed brand that has come forward to save people with tight storage space.
👍 Pros:
  • Enhances the ease of lifting a zero-turn mower
  • Foldable for ensuring storage is tight space
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Fits most of the tractors and mowers
  • Lifting capacity of 250 lbs. from front
👎 Cons:
  • Difficult to lower the mower after lifting

What to Consider While Buying the Best Lawn Mower Lifts?

A top-rated lawn mower lift lets you lift your riding mower while all safety measures are taken. If you end up following any rigorous or inadequate method while lifting your mower, you will be in trouble. It will dramatically degrade the performance quality of your riding mower. The experts suggest being extra cautious while purchasing lawn mower lifts.

That’s why you need to keep some points in mind while buying some of a lift for lawn mower. Here, I have chalked out some of those things that you should consider while making a purchase.

Build Quality

Put your hands on a mower lift that can load with proper security and safeguarding unwanted accidents. Many cheap and flimsy lawn mower lifts can allure you with their highbrow features. But they don’t last long. Plus, they can leave you exposed to accidents while executing the work. Learn about the build quality of your desired product before spending your money on it.


Considering the weight of your favorite lawn riding mower is very substantial. The lifter that you’re going to buy should have a weight capacity better than the lawnmower. Any lawnmower with superior weight capacity can handle your work like a snap!


Scrolling through the reviews makes the process of research about your desired product a bit easier. If you go through “customer reviews” of your desires, you’ll get to know about the pros and cons of it. The amazon reviews of some of the riding lawn mower lifts let you understand which model will work for you. Those reviews will help you to understand a lawnmower lift deeply.


No matter which electronic appliance you want to buy, safety has to be the priority. The lifters have to incorporate mechanisms that can lift the mower while in danger. Some of the best lawn mower lifts have three lock systems that safeguard the user from being at stake. Some reputed lifter brands also feature three lock mechanisms to ensure extra caution.


One of these best lawn mower lifts I have mentioned above, lets you lift your lawnmower at whatever height you prefer. And taking care of these lawn mower lifts is as easy as a cake! You won’t need to schedule some extra time from your daily routine to take care of it.

Choosing a favorable lawn mower lift for your lawnmower is equally essential. I have comprehended every feature of the top-rated lawn mower lifts for you. Let me know if it helps you to choose.

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