Best Lawn Striping Kit [Top 5 Pick & Reviews in 2022]

Do you make faces while using your old and corroded striper? Do you fancy the attractive lawn stripper in the stadium? Well, you can now own them on your lawn. Getting yourself a posh lawn stripper is no longer a big ask. Those work-friendly lawn strippers will create strips a bit more extravagant.

But which lawn stripper is going to be the best for you? Say no more to such worries as we’ve brought the best lawn striping kit! We’ve handpicked some masterpiece kits that can transform your lawn into a heavenly place. Trust me, this article has the best lawn striping kit reviews.

Our Suggested 5 Lawn Striping kit at a Glance:

Removable bagger attachment, easy-removal, easy to assemble,

Professional grade lawn patterns while mowing, compatible with residential walk-behind, self-propelled and push lawn mowers, removable bagger attachment, three custom colors

Fits zero turns and lawn tractors, No drilling required, adjustable frame fits between the tires no hassle of removing the kit

Fits Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZTR with 50″, 54″ and 60″ Decks, Mow and stripe at the same time, Easy to install

For use with Swisher mid-mount response ZTR models, Easy assembly, package includes all the necessary hardware

What Is A Mower Striping Kit?

A mower striping kit is a heavy-weight bar dragging behind the mower for further pressing down the unwanted grass. They bend the grass in a different direction. You can bend down the grass using the roller without working too hard on it.

The roller of the mower striping kit is attached beneath the kit. For those who admire crispier and sharper lines on their lawns, a mower striping kit can be a great savior for them. Purchasing a heavy-weight striping kit can fulfill your desire of your pitch appearing like the posh ones. Even though you can go for some DIY options, buying a worthy striping kit can change your life.

Why Should You Strip Your Lawn?

Striping your backyard using a lawn striping kit will give your lawn a fresh and healthy appearance. If you leave your lawn without stripping them, the sun rays may affect your lawn eventually. You don’t want that, right?

The cutting height and daily mowing of your lawn will bring it a major difference. As a green finger, you don’t want your lawn to become unhealthy. A striping mower will make the work as easy as pie for you. Stripping your lawn daily will ensure equal nutrients in every corner of your lawn. And that’s good news for lawn fanatics.

If you want to encourage lateral growth, there’s no substitute for striping your lawn. Daily stripping also lets the sun rays reach every part of the lawn. And the grasses look healthier than ever.

How Do Lawn Striping Kits Work?

Lawn stripers bend the grass in multiple directions. The lawnmower striping kit applies pressure on the grass to bend them. The stripers use light and dark shadows to create dark-light stripes on your lawn.

The bent section appears light as you’ve bent the grass in that particular area in a different direction. The taller the striper height is, the more enhanced effect you’ll get. According to the experts, it’s best to mow at the height of 2.5 to 3.5 inches for outstanding outcomes. That’s how your lawnmower works!

The 5 Best Lawn Striping Kit: Our Review

Striping is an easy task, and one of our reviewed striping kits can make the task even easier. So, read our detailed assessment of each model and choose accordingly.

1. Best Overall: Toro Lawn Striping System

Toro Lawn Striping System

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Toro Lawn Striping System is overall the best striper you can ever own! If you have no intention of compromising with the quality of your lawn stripes, going for Toro will be a great choice. Toro lawn striping kit is so easy to clean and assemble that it’ll win your heart.

Toro Lawn Striping mower is a gadget that can never disappoint you. Besides its attachment, the striper also offers you easy maintenance. Unlike the cheap striping system, you don’t have to mow and make patterns individually.

You can do them both at once with this masterpiece. Be its golf courses, football pitch, or professional fields. You can work with it fluently while detaching the bagger system. The model comes with a 30″ comb for creating eye-catching patterns.

Using lawn mowers has never been this easy before Toro Lawn Striping System. Now you can make your lawn look no less than a professional striped pitch. Attaching this lawn striper kit by Toro will not take a long horse, trust me!

This US-based lawn striper provides you a satisfying finish in your lawn area. With a 30-inch comb, you try out any style that you like. The detachable bagger makes the process of cleaning your striper as easy as a cake.

👍 Pros:
  • Easy-to-use and Easy-to-maintain
  • Offers mowing and pattern at once
  • Turns mower without jackknifing
  • Follows Lawn patterning zone map
  • 30″ roller combination
  • Includes a user guide
👎 Cons:
  • Requires 16-120 lbs. sand

2. Runner-up: Lawn Stryper LM408111B Lawn Striping Pattern

Lawn Stryper LM408111B Lawn Striping Pattern

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Not satisfied with our best choice? Maybe you can get yourself a Lawn Stryper LM408111B. This impressive production powered by Lawn Stryper is a decent option to bring home. For those who struggle with lawn striper height and weight, we’ve got good news for you. You can adjust your striper height and weight at the same time.

This walk-behind lawn striping kit for riding mowers can be your savior if you’re tired of your DIY lawn striping. Getting some professional-grade patterns using an affordable striping kit is no more your wildest dream.

Be it a walk-behind or push lawn mower, you attach the Lawn Stryper LM408111B like a boss! And you know what? Lawn Stryper LM408111B gives you the chance to choose from 3 amazing shades.

No matter if you want to work with or without a bagging system, you can do both. You can attach the strip with the handlebar of the mower for making patterns and mowing simultaneously. Use a screwdriver and 16-20 pounds of sand, and you’re ready to get going.

This tool is a great way of giving your lawn some meticulous patterns. If you’re a beginner in lawn striping, you can start your journey with this handy machine.

👍 Pros:
  • Walk-behind and self-propelled striper
  • Customizable in height, weight, and angle
  • Advanced-grade design while mowing
  • Affordable accessory
  • Three custom colors to choose from
👎 Cons:
  • Longevity issue

3. Best Length-Adjustable: Montree Shop Lawn Striping Kit

Montree Shop Lawn Striping Kit

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Want to show off your lawn patterns in the neighborhood? Montree Shop Lawn Striping Kit can make it easy for you. Attaching it with your mower using a hitch is not a bridge too far. You can easily use them with lawn tractors or zero-turn mowers. It’s by far the best length-adjustable striping kit.

If you are looking for a striping kit that adjusts without any hassle, then Montree Shop Lawn Striping Kit is the thing we’ll suggest to you. With a hitch, you can adjust the striping kit in your lawnmower.

If you have got a 7/16″ or a 9/16″ wrench, you won’t need any grilling to set your kit with the mower. The extended hitch in the kit ensures that you don’t lose the outstanding functionality it offers. The customizable frame in it is powder coated for maneuverability. And the company has made it using laser-cut steel.

Besides, if you are someone who enjoys even stripes, this kit will impress you at once. It’s one of the best lawn striping kits for zero-turn mowers.

Now you can easily make your neighborhood jealous with some mowing patterns as meticulous as anything. Now you know why Montree Shop Lawn Striping Kit has gained a 3.6 rating on Amazon!

👍 Pros:
  • Adjustable frame
  • Requires no drilling
  • Extended hitch for impressive functionality
  • Flaps with industry-grade rubber
  • Fits zero-turn mowers lawn mowers and lawn tractors
  • Includes all needed hardware
👎 Cons:
  • Not very suitable for push mowers

4. Best for Cub Cadet Mowers: CUB CADET 19A70059OEM Lawn Striping Kit

CUB CADET 19A70059OEM Lawn Striping Kit 

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If you’re thinking of bringing home the best CUB CADET mower,19A70059OEM Lawn Striping Kit is a great choice for your lawn. You can easily increase your lawn charm using an awesomesauce CUB CADET lawn striping attachment. It’ll give your lawn no less than a professional outlook.

This Lawn Striping Kit can adjust with a 50″,54″,60″ zero turn mower. It lets you mow and stripe at the same time. If you have a zero-turn lawn mower from Troy-Bilt Mustang Z Series, you can fit this kit with it.

The kit synchronized well with those 50″, 54″ and 60″ decks. The kit is so easy to install that you won’t require previous experience to work with it. And it comes with an installation manual for further assistance.

Enhancing your properties curb is no longer a big ask. You won’t have to splash your cash on your lawn stuff anymore. CUB CADET 19A70059OEM Lawn Striping Kit can adjust with your garden tractor without any hassle. You can get your work done within the blink of an eye! Be it a 50″, 54″, or a 60″ fabricated deck, you can use this striping kit.

👍 Pros:
  • Mowing and striping at the same time
  • Ensured well-manicured appearance
  • Works fine with weedy lawn
  • 50″,54″,60″ deck cutting width
  • Includes an installation manual
👎 Cons:
  • Unsafe around toddlers

5. Best for Swisher Mowers: Swisher 21180 Response Lawn Striper

Swisher 21180 Response Lawn Striper

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If you have a Swisher mid-mount mower, Swisher 21180 Response Lawn Striper can help you curve the grass of your lawn. This 38″ kit will aggravate the visual effects in your lawn area. They make the light reflect differently by pushing the grass in various positions.

Are you looking for a striper kit to pair with your Swisher ZTR? Swisher 21180 Response Lawn Striper will make your lawn roller striping a pleasant experience. If you have a swisher mower, it’s the best lawn striping kit you should go for. This 38″ kit serves you with a wonderful appearance of your property. This ultra-cut deck lawn striping kit can adjust with zero-turn or cut mower like a snap! This gadget is a great preference to make your lawn experience easier than ever. The longer blades of the grass are now easy to bend if you bend them with Swisher 21180.

Such a masterpiece is a blessing for any lawn care company. They’ll yield you with mowing patterns that’ll blow your mind. The weight wheel will make a contour on the ground exactly like you imagined.

The customers of Swisher 21180 have never complained about its productivity or characteristics. Be it parallel, diagonal or diamond-cut patterns, this magical piece can make them all!

👍 Pros:
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Essential hardware included
  • Gives a shiny and manicured outcome
  • For ZTR models of Swisher mid-mount
  • Come in an eye-catching black color
  • Easy unpin from the mower
👎 Cons:
  • Not suitable for CUB CADET

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Lawn Striping Kit

A stripping kit for a mower is an amazing thing if you know how to make it work. We will discuss six things which are needed to consider before buying. These discussions are put forward below-

A Simple Add-On: To implement the necessary weight for bending the grass, a lawn roller is needed, which shapes like a heavy cylinder type garden tool. It might cost around $150. Make sure that the purchased one befits your mower size.

Looks: You can strip your lawn in many ways. Stripes shape, checkboard shape, and diagonal shapes are the most common forms. Make sure that your lawn striper can serve you with maximum patterns.

Healthy Grass Growth: Mowing lawn in a single direction might create holes, marks, and low growth spots, which will eventually lead to uneven mowing. On uneven lawns, taller grass covers shorter grass. As a result, shorter grass cannot get proper sunlight. Hence, an unwanted situation can take place. So, go for a gadget that’ll ensure unhindered grass growth.

Brand Value: Every lawn striper brand has some nice characteristics. If you choose any decent brand, you won’t end up regretting it. Going for a non-brand or DIY piece isn’t harmful. But if you use a homemade lawn striping maker, no authority will take the liability of its fitness.

Customer Reviews: No matter how well-reputed the brand, it isn’t worth it if the customers aren’t satisfied with it. Several mediocre brands are successful to please their customers. And in the end, satisfaction matters the most.

Your Budget: Before choosing a lawn striping kit suitable for your preference, fix a budget for it. We will suggest you decide at least a decent budget and not purchase something way too cheap.

What Are the Advantages of Using Lawn Striping Kit?

Maintaining a lawn is not a child play. But the job gets easier when you have some smart tools to make your work effortless. Lawn striping kits are one of those boons. Some people think that paying for a lawn striping kit for their push mower is a waste of money.

A striping kit comes with some advantages that you’ve never thought of. Let’s you about some of the advantages of having a lawn striping kit-

  • A lawn striping kit gives you the opportunity of trying out many lawn striping patterns to choose from among many options. Unlike DIY patterns, you’ll not feel bored with making the same pattern every time. It lets you be creative in the field.
  • When it comes to establishing a new lawn, a lawn striping mower has no comparison. When you’re going to form a lawn from scratch, going for DIY makes things very difficult. Thanks to the people who have invented the lawn striping kit. We no more face severe problems.
  • During falls, many rodents and insects attack the lawn greens. The toddlers may also create bumps in it. Luckily the Green fingers now keep a lawnmower that can smoothen the surface and safeguard your property.

Should You Buy A Lawn Striper Kit or Build One by Yourself?

A well-stripped lawn depicts your status and worth in society. There is a history of the aristocrats having a well-patterned lawn since time immemorial.

We see many rich families having patterned and manicured property. And adorning such massive land areas without a lawn striping kit is unthinkable. According to the lawn artists, A well-groomed lawn is a reflection of art and class.

Those who say that buying a lawn striping kit is a sunk cost should have a glance or the patterned lawn once. Yes, a professional lawn striping kit is a bit more costly than a self-made one.

But the cost is worth every bit. If you admire a fancy lawn and you can afford a lawn striping kit, you should go for it. But a simple countryside lawn does not require any professional striping kit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is lawn striping bad for grass?

No. It’s healthy for the grasses. Mowing your lawn helps it to be safe from insect damage and distributes equal sunlight in every corner of the lawn.

How do lawn striping kits work?

Lawn striping kits bend the grasses at different angles and create visual effects. You need to attach it with a lawnmower to make it work.

What is a mower striping kit?

A mower striping kit is an appliance that bends that grass using its weight. We use this for making patterns in the pitch.

How to clean a lawn striping kit?

You can use a cleaning brush, gentle soap, and warm water for cleaning a lawn striping kit. Don’t rub it or push it roughly. Be gentle with your accessory.


Here, we’ve reviewed some of the best lawn striping kits available in the market. Several lawn stripers claim highbrow features. But only a few of them keep their promises. We are sure that you’ll be glad to pay for our best picks.

These lawn stripers will transform your lawn mowing experience. You can choose any of these 5 masterpieces for your lawn area. Putting your hand on any of these pieces won’t make you regret it even twice. Let us know which one wins your heart!

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