Best Trimmer Head For STIHL [Top 5 Picks & Review]

Trimmers are extremely important for maintaining a neat lawn. STIHL makes great trimmers, and these units are in use all over the world. However, the trimmer heads tend to wear out with use and need replacement.

Trimmer’s heads contain shields on the user’s side, spools, as well as rotating blades for cutting grass and plantations. The right products can help you get a perfectly mowed and trimmed lawn or a properly maintained piece of agricultural land.

In this article, you will get to know the best trimmer head for STIHL suitable for your particular requirements. Additionally, we have provided a buying guide for you so that you make the right purchase amongst all the different products available out there.

Best Trimmer Head For STIHL Review

There are many great trimmer heads available, and below is a list of the very best ones for STIHL.

Keep reading to get a detailed idea of each product.

1. Shiosheng Trimmer Head for STIHL

Shiosheng Trimmer Head for STIHL

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This particular product is compatible with a lot of STIHL trimmer models. It’s compatible with FS100RX, FS100, FS108, FS106, FS120, FS200, FS110, FS250, and FS130 from the FS series. So, you won’t be short of options, that’s for sure.

Other than that, KM55, FR106, KM90, 110, 100RX, KM85, 100R, 45, 46, and FS-KM weed-eater also work well with this model.

The head is a bump feed trimmer head that comes with a line and an adaptor or arbor, which is optional. This unit contains a 25-2 dual-line tap feed, which is auto cut. That means more efficiency at work.

The lines that can be used with this trimmer head are 0.80″, 0.95″ and 0.105″. So, you need to choose among them according to your need.

However, as it fits straight shaft trimmers pretty well and is suitable for use with most of them, you don’t need to worry.

Due to the ease of installation, this product is very convenient to use, although it may be a bit hard to remove. The string provided with this unit is great, and you can get smooth functionality out of it.

Coming at a very reasonable price makes this trimmer head a winner, especially as it is quite durable, even with a lot of use.

  • Installation is straightforward and hence requires less time
  • The string provided with it works pretty well
  • Price is very affordable for the great functionality
  • Lasts a long time even with heavy use
  • It may be a bit hard to take off

2. STIHL 4002-710-2108 AutoCut Trimmer Head

STIHL 4002-710-2108 AutoCut Trimmer Head

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This trimmer head is another tough one. You can get a lot of use out of it before it will fail you. STIHL products are very durable in general, and this one is, of course, no exception.

The head is auto-cut, and it can both mow and trim as it contains a double-line. It uses a nylon line, which is automatically fed by using tap action, so it saves some time and is quite convenient.

The line diameter is 0.095″, which is pretty standard in trimmer heads. This model uses a blade type which is 25-2, as indicated in the title.

Even though this product costs a bit extra, you get a good value for money.

Something to keep in mind, though, would be that you have to wrap the string around the spool while using it. This may be a bit troublesome when you’re working in places like the woods.

Having said that, this product is still pretty easy to spool as the trimmer line is held in place during re-spooling.

A lot of cheaper products fail to do this, making them harder to use.

  • Can endure a lot of abuse
  • Mowing and trimming can both be done well
  • Tap action saves time and effort during line feeding
  • Good value for money and convenient to use
  • Maybe troublesome to re-spool in places like the woods

3.WELOVEHOME Trimmer Head Weed for Stihl

WELOVEHOME Trimmer Head Weed for Stihl

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This trimmer head from WELOVEHOME is suitable for a lot of STIHL trimmers. Autocut C5-2, FS38, FS40, FS45, FS46, FS45C, FS50 and FSE60 are all compatible. So it pretty much fits most brush cutters. Yes, there are some models that you will have problems with, but you are unlikely to buy them. But still, it is better to check before buying.

It comes at quite a reasonable price, especially as the model comes with a fully loaded trim line. It fits the trimmer perfectly and gives a seamless performance. The cutting line is built-in, and its diameter is approximately 0.08″. This makes it great for use in the garden as well as for agriculture.

If you need your grass to grow neatly, then it can be easily achieved using this trimmer head as it can make low grass.

Both lawn mowing and trimming can easily be done using this unit.

Installation might take some time as instructions are not provided with the product.

There are plenty of videos available on the internet, however, which can easily be followed for instruction.

  • Comes with a trim line which is fully loaded
  • The built-in cutting line which gives a smooth performance
  • Great for use in both gardens and for agriculture
  • Perfect replacement head yet comes at an affordable price
  • No instructions, so it may take some time to install

4. Parts Club Replacement Autocut Dual Line Tap Feed Trimmer Head

Parts Club Replacement Autocut Dual Line Tap Feed Trimmer Head

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You can rest assured that you will get quite a durable trimmer head if you purchase this one! Built with care, this one is bound to serve you for a long time.

The arbor sizes in this unit are 10mm × 1 LHF and 10mm × 1.25 LHF. As for the line, it can use those with diameters of 0.80″, 0.95″ and 0.105″. The 25-2 line tap feed is auto cut and dual. This unit gives a very nice performance, even on rocky lawns with lots of obstacles.

This bump feed trimmer head is compatible with most STIHL trimmers containing straight shafts. It fits STIHL FR106, FR108, FR130T, FR350, FT100, and FS44, among others.

The dual lines work very well to cut the grass to proper lengths. Installation is also quick and easy, even for beginners.

However, putting the cover back on after the trimmer cord is replaced might take some effort.

This effort is pretty much worth the money, though, especially as it is quite budget-friendly.

  • Compatible with most STIHL straight shaft trimmers
  • Lasts long even on lawns with obstacle and rocks
  • Dual-line performance is great for getting the right lengths.
  • Very reasonably priced and easy to install
  • Hard to install the cover after replacing the cord

5. Shindaiwa Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer Head

Shindaiwa 788903000 Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer Head

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As you can tell from the title, this product is a universal bump feed trimmer head.

This means that it is compatible with trimmers, whether they have straight or curved shafts.

It fits most premium brand trimmers, though, so you can use this head with multiple units if needed.

If you are looking for a speed feed trimmer head for STIHL, then this product is going to suit you pretty well. It has a loading technique, which is very fast yet simple, so a lot of time can be saved using it.

As a matter of fact, it can load within 30 seconds! Not only that, but no disassembly is needed to reload it. The capacity for loading is also amazing in this product as it can hold about 20 feet of trimmer line.

Not only is this trimmer head fast, but it is also very durable. This is because it has been reinforced with round eyelets and a thick bottom cover for protection.

As a replacement to the Speed-Feed 375 model, this product is definitely a success.

  • Loads very fast, within 30 seconds, without any disassembly
  • Simple to use so saves a lot of effort
  • Has great loading capacity of 20′ of trimmer line
  • Thick bottom cover and round eyelets make it durable.
  • Compatible with most premium brands so has versatile use
  • Not compatible with STIHL trimmer heads that have curved shafts

Buying Guide Trimmer Head For STIHL

Even though we have looked at the trimmer heads in detail, there are still some factors you need to consider before buying one.


First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure that you are getting the right trimmer head according to your trimmer.

No matter how much you spend on your head, pick one that does not fit, your trimmer is going to render it useless.

Trimmer Head Type

There are 3 types of trimmer heads available in the market, and STIHL has 3 types as well accordingly-

  • STIHLfixed line trimmer head
  • STIHL automatic feed trimmer head
  • STIHL bump feed trimmer head

It is important to know the mechanisms in which these work in order to be able to pick the right one.

Generally speaking, automatic feed trimmer heads are the easiest to work with.


You need to keep in mind the use to which you will be putting your trimmer head to.

If you will be cutting grass and plants only, with no obstacles like branches or stumps around, then it’s easy to get any product.

However, if obstacles are going to be present, you will need to get a product in which blades and strings can be changed.

Line Type

There are two types of lines available in trimmer heads- single and dual lines.

Single line heads tend to be slower yet simpler to use, but it is not for professional use.

Dual-line heads give very quick results and are suitable for pros.

However, their lines are harder to wind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do I Change My Trimmer Head?

It is essential to follow the instructions given in the manual of your product. If no manual is provided, then check out videos on the internet. Instructions for removal and installation are usually very easily found.

What size Trimmer Head Should I Use?

The size of your trimmer head will depend on your intended use. For light work and small lawns, small size trimmer heads will suffice. For heavy work and professional use, such as for removing a lot of overgrowths, larger ones will be required.

How Do I Make my Trimmer Head More Durable?

There are two things you need to consider. One is the quality of the material, as better quality material will be longer-lasting. The other thing is moving parts, as the less of them the trimmer head has, the more durable it has a chance of being.

Final Word

It can be quite tricky to pick the right trimmer head for your STIHL trimmer since so many are available.

The right product can save you a lot of time and effort while giving you beautiful results.

Hence, it is important to take some time to properly consider your options.

We hope this review has helped you pick the best trimmer head for STIHL based on your specific needs!

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