10 Houseplants Perfectly Suited To Your Bathroom

Plants in your bathroom are great. They look fantastic, often breaking up the white of the bathroom suite.

They can be great for purifying the air around you and soaking up extra moisture, which is excellent for keeping mold at bay.

This warm, humid environment isn’t suited to all plants, though. Those that prefer dry conditions, and those that originate in desert areas, will not be happy.

Bathrooms often don’t have a lot of light, so this needs consideration. However, finding a plant that suits you and the conditions will make your space more inviting.

So, if you’re looking for a touch of nature in this area of your home, here are 10 Houseplants Perfectly Suited To Your Bathroom.

1. Fern

Without a doubt, ferns are an excellent choice for your bathroom. They are simple, no-fuss plants that have adapted to meet this micro-climate in your home.

Ferns often grow on forest floors and do not seek high light levels. 

Ferns are also happy with the changes in temperature in bathrooms and love the moisture that the bath or shower brings. The Bird’s Nest Fern and the Sword Fern are excellent varieties to consider.

2. Inch Plant

Inch plants actively dislike low humidity and will be unlikely to survive if you choose to put them anywhere else in your home.

This little gem is quick-growing and easy to maintain; it also has leaves that have a pleasing purple glow.

The inch plant is perfect for a bathroom with higher light levels; their glorious color will fade if you don’t. Fundamentally, though, this plant must not dry out, so its position in the bathroom is perfect.

3. Orchid

In the wild, orchids grow on trees in the tropical and sub-tropical climates of South America, which are hot and humid, similar to your bathroom after a lovely soak in the bath.

With the amount of moisture available in the air of your bathroom, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to water your orchid.

Orchids are also stunning plants, and if your bathroom is clean and crisp, an orchid will add a perfect splash of color, and with over 25,000 varieties to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect fit for your room.

4. Rubber Plant

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom that can accommodate a larger plant or even a tree, consider a rubber plant to add interest to your room.

This tall shrub has dark glossy leaves with a waxy appearance and is particularly low maintenance. 

The rubber plant does need reasonably good light conditions, so it is not suited to a windowless room, but the moisture from the warm air will keep it happy without intervention.

Other tall shrubs and trees that are perfect for your washroom are the Moneytree and the Dwarf Umbrella Tree.

5. Ivy

There is something particularly enchanting about Ivy. Ivy creeps its way in its natural environment, slowly and subtly around trees and buildings, causing fundamental damage.

However, it does also support a plethora of wildlife, including bats. 

English Ivy and Devil’s Ivy are excellent choices for your bathroom because they love the warm and moist conditions that hot showers provide.

Ivy is also exceptionally easy to maintain, so once you have found the perfect position, you can enjoy the refreshing green touch it brings.

6. Gardenia

A flowering option for your garden is the beautiful, evergreen Gardenia. This plant will give you a neutral rose-like bloom amidst a dark green glossy foliage.

It loves the warmth and moisture of the bathroom but prefers the temperature to remain relatively consistent, and their fussiness can make them difficult to maintain.

In the wild, you can find Gardenias in the warm, bright countries of Australia and Asia, and so they are particularly suited to a bathroom with a source of natural light.

7. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is a fantastic bathroom option.

The attractive meandering leaves that grow almost vertically are fascinating, and because they grow this way and can grow up to eight inches, they do not need a vast amount of space.

The Snake Plant thrives in bathrooms because of the constant moisture, although these plants thrive almost anywhere and are so easy to keep and actually a challenge to kill. They can also survive with low levels of light.

8. Bamboo

Bamboo in your yard can be a problem; it’s invasive and almost impossible to remove.

However, bamboo in your bathroom brings a new perspective to the plant. It can be therapeutic and calming.

Bamboo is another plant that doesn’t need much to thrive, and moist bathroom conditions will keep it happy.

9. Tillandsia

Tillandsia is an intriguing rainforest succulent that will add a surprising splash of color to your bathroom. If you choose Tillandsia Ionantha, it will treat you to perfectly pink shoots and purple flowers from spring through to fall. 

Tillandsia is an epiphyte – a plant that attaches to another, although not taking any nutrition from the supporting tree.

This means that in your bathroom, it will happily hang or stick to a free-standing item and take all it needs from the warm, humid environment of the bathroom.

You can display Tillandsia in your bathroom uniquely, compared to other houseplants, because they are air plants and do not need soil.

10. Lemon Balm

Although Lemon Balm does not explicitly benefit from the warmth and humidity a bathroom can offer, it will happily survive in your bathroom.

A Lemon Balm needs around 5 hours of sun a day, and when it’s happy will release a fragrantly fresh lemony scent that will keep your washroom stink-free.

Lemon Balm is also a herb with calming and skin healing properties, so it is perfect for taking into the bath.

Lemon Balm is in the same family group as mint, so it doesn’t usually have a problem growing. This plant likes a little extra sun during the summer, so it’s good to pop the plant outside onto your patio for the warmer months.