How To Jack Up A Zero Turn Mower: Step-By-Step Procedure

Do you own a zero turn mower? Then it would be best if you had a jack and jack stand with your mower maintenance equipment.

Yes, it’s obvious. Because, you know, how important it is to a proper jack-up of your expensive mower.

To service the tires, mower deck, or even to change the oil, you must jack up your lawnmower. Primarily it should be proper for a zero-turn mower. You know how flexible these are. This mower can turn 180 degrees within its footprint.

So, how to jack up a zero turn mower? Is it in a proper way? However, here are the tips and tricks you should follow to jack up your mower correctly.

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You can service your mower or change the blade by jacking up the mower off the ground in few minutes. So, here we start:

How To Jack Up A Zero Turn Mower: Step-By-Step Procedure

  • To jack up, 1stly park the lawnmower on a level surface. You can use a driveway or any hard surface. Turn off the ignition key.
  • Pull the mower deck lift lever and raise it to the highest position. Then slide the jack in the middle side under the front of the deck.
  • Raise the jack carefully. Lift the deck of the mower as high as the jack will let you. Put the jack stands under both sides of the deck.
  • Lower the jack until the machine fixed to the jack stands and ensure balance.

These are the necessary steps to jack up your zero turn lawn mower for servicing. But there are also matters. You may face difficulties while working if you don’t count some sort of awareness.

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Safety Features To Consider

For a safe jack-up of your zero turn mowers, knowing only the steps to jack up is not enough. You must consider some issues while selecting jack and operating it.

You must select the perfect lifting tool that can raise the zero-turn mowers. Check the weight of the jack and match with your lawnmower.

Check the wheel span capacity of the lifting tool. Because perfectly centered on the wheels to the pads is essential. There might be a risk to slide off the mower when raised.

The riding mower that may start to roll while raising it. For safety, you can slide wheel chocks or wooden blocks in front of and behind the tires.

Before lifting the front to high, you should check a couple of things. Such as – where the spark plugs situated; if towards the rear, it would difficult to oil. Check the carb and fuel tank if there is a chance to leak fuel. Also, the battery is sealed or not.

Some try car jack to raise a lawnmower. Believe it, and it’s not the right tool for lifting a riding mower.

Types Of Lifts For Zero-Turn Mowers

Would you like to lift your expensive mower in a rudimentary method? Such as – by placing logs or concrete blocks under the wheels? We don’t think so! If you love your lawn machine, then you must have to select proper maintain equipment for it.

Look, which types of lifting tools are there for your mower. There are mainly four.

Scissor-action lift: This is the simplest model that operated by a lever with hand. These lifts will perfect if your mower is lighter enough.

Drill-turned lift: These types of lifting tools works by using a power drill to lift the load. If you don’t have a power drill in hand, you can use levers as well.

Hydraulic lift: Provides quite a different mechanism from the above types. It has to operate by a foot pedal. Also, this tool ensures a smooth operation as well as enhances control while lowering the load.

Pneumatic lift: It runs by air powerlifting system along with an air compressor. It would give you a comfort raise of your mower with little to no effort. Usually expensive for its specialty.

Considering Issues For An Adequate Jack

The selection of perfect jack and jack stand is significant for the smooth maintenance of a zero-turn mower. Look, which features you must consider for a better lifting tool.

Lawnmower capacity: It depends on the weight of the jack.

Wheel span capacity: Different mower lifts can raise mower with a wheel span of between 17 and 64 inches. To find out except zero turn mower lift easily.

Mower lift lifting height: Most lawn mower lift can raise the mower between 22 to 28 inches. Here must count that- The higher the altitude, the better.

Mower lift safety features: Check out the essential safety features like- locking the lifting arm when the deck is raised.

Rubberized wheel pads: These would keep your machine free from scratch.

Jack Lifting Capacity For Zero-Turn Mowers

Only selecting of a lifting tool alone is workable. You must check the lifting capacity of the jack you would try. Which lifting capacity will perfect for your lawnmower, you must know.

The weight capacity of the tool refers to only the front of your mower. A machine weighing 700 lbs can be handled by a lift with a capacity of 350 lbs.

For lighter mowers like Push lawnmower or self-propelled lawnmowers, the lifting tool of up to 200 lbs is enough.

For most residential Zero-turn mowers lifting machine of 300-500 lbs would work. If you have a heavy-duty zero turn mower, then you must use the tools over 500 lbs.

Remember, an overload could break damage to the lifting mechanism and could lead to severe injuries. So try always to balance the weight of your mower and jack tools.


Riding mowers are expensive machines that deserve some protection while operating. Especially while it comes to jacking it up, a little unawareness can cause severe injuries of your own and your lovely lawnmower.

So, that’s all on how to jack up a zero turn mower. Don’t compromise in any sector that you learn above! We hope this article would be sufficient to jack up your lawnmower properly.

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