How To Make A Lawn Mower Go 30 Mph

Most of the lawnmower users are not enough familiar with the parts of this machine. That’s why they struggle most of the time when it comes to the technical aspects of a mower. Many of them ask about increasing the speed of a mower to 30Mph.

It actually depends on various factors like the belt-driver mower uses engine pully to increase the speed. Again, the appropriate use of the governor ensures the increase of the speed.

Scroll down the article and find out more steps on how to make a lawnmower go 30 mph.

What Is The Average Speed Of A Lawn Mower?

Lawn mower generally runs at a speed range of around 7-8 mph. In a rough bouncy field, this speed can be decreased to 4 mph while the operator can ride the mower up to 10 mph on plain ground.

You will get the highest speed when you will cut the mean or the plain grasses. Otherwise average 7-8 mph is a good speed to cut grasses.

There are mowers with two to seven horsepower engines that can produce lower speed.

But for average to top speed, you will need a more powerful engine like thirteen to thirty horsepower. However, you can increase this speed. 

Can A Lawn Mower Go 30 Mph?

Although the average speed of lawn mower is between 5-10 mph, you can increase the speed to 30 mph by taking certain measures.

These measures are actually bringing some changes to the components of a lawn mower that influence its speed. 

How To Make A Lawn Mower Go 30 Mph

Let’s look at the measures that you can take to run your mower at 30 mph speed.

Engine Pulley

This system is only for lawn mowers that are belt-driven.

You can change their speed significantly by changing the diameter of the pulley wheels.

These mowers have two pulleys. One of the pulley wheels is connected to the engine and the other is in the rear of the mower.

Moreover, the engine pulley is fixed on the crankshaft. Increase the size of both of these pulleys and it will make your lawn mower go faster.

Air Filter

An unclean air filter can slow down the lawn mower.

If the air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it will reduce the power supply to the engine and end up affecting its performance and speed.

To prevent this problem, clean the air filter as often as possible.

If you find the filter clogged, you can either clean it thoroughly or replace it. It will provide the mower with extra thrust. 


The flow of oil into the engine determines the power of any vehicle and the governor controls this flow.

So, the governor basically sets the highest speed of an engine.

It also doesn’t let the engine consume fuel beyond a certain point.

All these things are achieved by a spring attached to the governor and the tricks lie in reducing the size of this spring.

If it still doesn’t work, try removing the whole spring. You should see an improvement in the speed without the spring. 

Engine Oil

This is another important factor in terms of deciding the speed of a lawn mower. You should always use the right oil in your mower.

There are many substandard oils that will damage the engine. Refrain yourself from using those.

Change the oil regularly to continue seamless blade rotation. 

Spark Plug

Ignition of air and fuel is necessary to run the engine and the spark plug generates spark for this ignition.

If the spark plug is faulty the ignition won’t happen properly and it will cause disturbance in the performance of the engine.

So, check the spark plugs and replace them if you find them faulty.


This is particularly important for an electric mower.

Make sure the battery is in good condition and properly charged before running the mower.

Besides all these, a carburetor and worn-out drive belt can also cause your mower to run slow. Make sure they are in good condition.


Lawn mowers are actually of two types, the ones that run with gasoline and the electric ones. If you need high speed to operate on the large lawn, you shouldn’t go with the electric ones.

It actually varies how to make a lawn mower go 30 mph. Besides, the lawn mower comes with a manual that has a described discussion on these technical aspects.

Read the manual and that might come in handy in improving the speed and efficacy of your mower.

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