How To Stop Lawn Mower From Smoking

The mower smoking issue is a daily companion of any lawn mower user. You may always need to bear this difficulty, but it will help refit your Mower by yourself if you know the root of the crux. You will also don’t make the mistakes that produce different types of smokes.

Here I have shown a simple way about how to stop lawnmower from smoking. Scroll down and read the writing carefully. Finally, follow the instructions to solve the smoking issue of your Mower from the next time on.

Why Is My Lawn Mower Blowing Out White Smoke?

The prevalent issue with your Lawn Mower is blowing white smoke. We don’t expect this problem but then happens again, so you should know why the lawnmower blows white smoke?

If you tip a mower the wrong way or tilt the engine for more than 15 degrees, the lawnmower’s engine starts burning oil, and this is the most probable reason for white smoke.

Sometimes, overfilling the engine with oil could be a cause; if you pour too much oil into the engine, it will start leaking and make the engine hot, which is why the machine may not start and produce white smoke.

Another reason is a leaking or damaged head gasket, and it is the most serious issue to be worried about.

Moreover, there are some other causes for blowing white smoke like a broken or blocking of the breather; then a failed piston ring is the worst, mainly seen in the older worn-out lawnmower.

If you are a 4 stroke Mower user, then be conscious about not mixing oil in its fuel as the burning oil will mix with fuel and produce smoke.

Why Is My Lawn Mower Blowing Blue Smoke?

The reason behind blue smoke is also the same as white smoke, as both occur because of burning excessive oil. When the crankcase is overfilled with oil than shown in dipstick or you use incorrect oil grades in the engine, it may burn out and generate blue smoke.

If you operate an engine at greater than a 15-degree angle, it may lose its tolerance capacity, and a tilted or turned over crankcase allows oil to leak out. In this case, oil begins burning and blows out blue smoke.

Moreover, check out the choke is working correctly or is it stuck? It also creates smoke. Then blown head gasket or worn-out cylinder may also the reason for blue smoke.

Why Is My Lawn Mower Blowing Black Smoke?

There is another colored smoke; the black exhaust smoke mainly occurs when the gasoline to air ratio is too high. Now, how it happens? When the lawnmower’s carburetor fails to get enough air, it regulates a higher percentage of gasoline to air mixture and creates black smoke.

So, at first, when you notice black smoke, check out the choke, as the stuck choke fails to open and the gas mixture continues to get rich.

A dirty or clogged air filter also hampers the carburetor, results in too rich gasoline in the mixture, and blows black smoke. Similarly, a faulty carburetor also creates the same problem and restrains the engine from starting. Same as the blue/white smoke, excessive engine oil can flow into the carburetor by soaking the air filter and burns the oil, damaged cylinder rings and failed gasket also makes the cloud of black smoke.

How To Stop Lawn Mower From Smoking

You have already known the reasons behind the electric lawnmower’s smoking; now you check out how you can fix these problems.

At first, whenever you notice any smoke black, blue, or white, I want to say no panic check out the warranty card. If you find that the engine still has a warranty from the manufacture, lucky for you, take the Mower for repair. You can repair it with a small amount, but if the engine has a factory defect, the craftsman will repair it at no cost.

Now, if the date is expired, then take the machine to the renowned repair shop. Be alert; before having those problems, scroll down and find out how to stop the lawnmower engine from smoking?

How Can You Fix White/Blue Smoke?

As the causes are similar for billowing the smoke, the precautions are also the same, so you should do,

  1. We have seen, an overfull oil reservoir is the main culprit that makes smoke. Remember, do not overfill the Mower and check the dipstick’s oil level, is it ok or not! When you pour oil into the engine, insert a dipstick that compares the oil level to the stick’s recommended ‘fill’ line. If you find the oil level too high, drain the oil and check with the stick to refill it.
  2. The second one is the tilted engine. Note that when the engine gets tilted at an angle more prominent than 15 degrees, keep the spark plug facing upwards as it will help to prevent oil from escaping.

Note: If it starts smoking, keep the Mower running and let it burn off the excess oil, it could be the troubleshooting technique for both the problems.

  1. Another problem is when your head gasket breaks, this is harder to fix. So, there is no option if the issue occurs; you need to replace it.
  2. Then also check out you are using suitable engine oil or not. If you need to change the oil, hurry up and change it.
  3. For clogged air filter, always clean it and free it from debris or dirt. Otherwise, replace the air filter if the smoke is so troubling.

What To Do To Stop Black Smoke

For beating with the black smoke, you need to do:

  1. First, fix the clogged air filter. If your Mower has a foam filter, you can clean it with soap and water, but remove dirt with vacuum or compressed air if you have a paper filter. So, to prevent this problem, make sure the breather is entirely hassle-free.
  2. Then adjust the carburetor and ensure the ratio of air and gasoline is perfect in the mixture. You can also consult with the manufacturer for more specific directions.
  3. As black smoke creates issues running at full power, it builds up carbon in the engine. The carbon buildup prevents the spark plug from starting the machine; you can fix the problem by either cleaning or replacing it.


Don’t worry about the electric lawnmower smoking issues anymore. I have discussed the easy solution. As you are a lawnmower owner, you have to face this type of problem all time, so note the solution of how to stop lawnmower from smoking and be careful about it. Try to fix it at home instead of spending too much money at the repair shop.

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