How To Use Fuel Stabilizer In Lawn Mower (Ultimate Guide)

There is no doubt about the significance of fuel stabilizers, but the problem we face is in the application. If you are wondering how to use fuel stabilizer in lawn mower, I can help you.

Below, I will describe the stabilizer vs fuel proportion, pre-requisites, and the complete process. Also, get to know the right time to use it, and whether it would last the whole season.

In the process, we often pour too much chemical accidentally. Don’t worry because the solution is shown at the end. So, let’s not waste a second, and have a 5-min read to preserve the performance of your mower’s engine.

What Is Fuel Stabilizer?

A fuel stabilizer is a solution that adds a protective layer to the fuel. In this way, the fuel does not get ruin when it has to sit for a long period of time; in this case, more than three weeks. Usually, it is made with petroleum.

Fuel stabilizer adds with the gasoline and prevents it from vaporizing and being gumming into the gas tank. Those reasons can ruin the carburetor very quickly.

You can also say, it is a mixture of lubricants and antioxidants which lessen the chemical reaction on stored fuel.

How To Use Fuel Stabilizer In Lawn Mower

When you mix the fuel with the stabilizer, you have to keep some things in your mind. Because the ratio differs from brand to brand. If the mixing does not go well, your fuel may ruin although mixing with the stabilizer.

How Much Fuel Stabilizer Should I Use In A Lawn Mower?

The mixing ratio completely depends on the brand of the fuel stabilizer. It does not matter what brand’s fuel or lawn mower you are using. To mix the items properly check the manufacturer guide which comes with the stabilizer. You will find some brand recommends to mix 1 ounce of fuel stabilizer with one gallon of fuel, some recommend mixing the same with 2.5 gallons of fuel.

Some lawn mower requires gasoline on its own, and some require gasoline and two-cycle oil mixture. But it does not affect the ratio. You have to measure the fuel altogether and then mix the stabilizer. It will prevent the tank from being moist.

Fresh Gasoline Is Compulsory

Other than the mixing ratio I have mentioned above, mixing fuel stabilizer with fresh gasoline is very important. If you mix it with gasoline more than one month old, the gasoline may already be broken. If this happens, the stabilizer will not come into much use. So, try to mix the stabilizer with freshly bought gasoline to make the best use of the fuel stabilizer.

Use For Seasonal Storing

You only need to use a fuel stabilizer if you use your lawn mower seasonally and have to store it for more than one month. Otherwise, the fuel will completely ruin alongside the engine system. To prevent that, use the fuel stabilizer as instructed. Fill the tank 95% and leave some space for expanding. After that, start the engine for a few minutes, and you are all ready to store it for the season.

Is Fuel Stabilizer Necessary?

The question completely depends on the uses of the lawn mower. If you live in a tropical country where grass grows throughout the year and need to trim now and then, you really do not need a fuel stabilizer.

But if you use it seasonally or you have to winterize or even summarize the mower then yes, a fuel stabilizer is necessary. It will increase the lifespan of the fuel as well as the lawn mower. On the other hand, if you keep the fuel in the engine and store it for a long period, both the fuel and engine can get ruin.

How Long Does Fuel Last With Stabilizer?

The beauty of a fuel stabilizer is that it can increase the gas life to one to three years. Typically gasoline does not last long. It can go bad as fast as three months. Fuel stabilizer slows the oxidation and vaporization process so that it does not get ruin, although it is sitting in the tank for a long time.

Is It Wise To Keep The Tank Dry?

Many will suggest you drain the gas completely and keep the tank dry for the season. It will surely save you some money. This may seem a good idea to keep the mower that way, and initially, you will not face any problem as well. But this process will decrease the lifespan of the engine significantly.

It can cause the engine system to dry like hard rock, and it will eventually cause leaks or worse, and catch fire. This dry system will also cause exposition of the metal parts and will make it moist, which you want least in our engine system.

What To Do If There Is Too Much Fuel Stabilizer In Mower

It will depend on what kind of fuel stabilizer you are using. If there are any de-varnishing chemicals in the fuel stabilizer, it can harm the system badly. It would thoroughly eat any part which is weak or thin and cause leakage. So you should dump the mixture right away.

But do not throw or spill the gas. Pour the gasoline mixture into a container and give it a look if it’s good or gone bad. If the gas is good, you can dilute it with more gasoline and use it again.

Here are some steps that help explain, How to Use Fuel Stabilizer in Lawn Mower :


There is a debate going on how to use fuel stabilizer in lawnmower. Many people are going fine without using stabilizer. But you should decide if using it suitable for you. And this article certainly makes it easier to decide for you.

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