Husqvarna Tractor Has Problems with Forward and Reverse

Because of having the right kind of features for maintaining small or medium-sized lawns, Husqvarna tractors are popular among homeowners. People trust them because of their long service life. But do you know that a Husqvarna tractor has problems with forward and reverse?

That is right; like any other competitor model, these tractors are not perfect. So, I have done some research and found out problems and their possible reasons.

This article will help you understand the severity of the issues so that you don’t regret your investment decision. Also, I have explained what you can do to detect one of these problems. Let’s get started.

Husqvarna Tractor Has Problems with Forward and Reverse

Characteristics of Problems with Forwarding and Reversing

The topic simplifies or summarizes the issue. In reality, I have seen some variations of it faced by the owners.

Different tractor models show different symptoms. After knowing about them, I will try to give some solutions.

Before I start describing them, you can check out the table below if you are in a hurry.

1. Forward/Reverse Pedal Stuck

Often the pedal gets stuck either in the forward position or in the backward. As a result, it becomes impossible to operate the riding mower.

You will notice that the engine is running but the blade is not engaging.

2. Forward/Reverse Getting Slower and Slower

From the forum discussions and customer complaints, I have seen various threads on this issue.

Their lawn tractor made by Husqvarna makes reversing or forwarding very tough. Usually, it is slower than usual increasing the time for mowing.

Some people say that their machine gets slower either going forward or backward or both.

3. Brakes Being Stuck

That is right. Having a stuck break can also cause the forward/reverse problem.

In the next section, I have described the troubleshooting procedures to pinpoint the faulty parts and take actions accordingly.

4. Perfect Reverse but Not Going Forward

According to one customer, his Husqvarna tractor suddenly stopped going forward.

It was a new machine with a perfectly working belt and pulley. He kept the freewheel control in the engaged position. Also, there was no grinding, lugging, or whining.

What to Do When Husqvarna Tractor Has Problems with Forward and Reverse?

Though the problem is simple, its solution is not. The course of action depends on the faulty parts. Here are some ideas to work on and try to solve the issue.

1. Clean CVT

Some models tend to collect debris and make the pedal stuck in one position. Cleaning the CVT unit near the transmission often solves the issue.

2. Change the Drive Belt

Improper engagement of the blades and problems in going forward or backward can sometimes be solved by changing the drive belt.

In this video, you can see how it is done with some simple tools. Go to Amazon, and find the right belt model.

Read the tractor’s owner manual, and you will see which model to buy. Don’t think that it is a manufacturing fault. Old belts get worn out.

Pro Tip: According to the manufacturer’s reply to some user complaints, ensuring the bypass control lever in the “engaged” position can put some light on the issue.

3. Inspect the Pulley

While checking or changing the drive belt, one should also check out the condition of the pulley.

If the bearing or some parts of it gets damaged, you will face problems in acceleration or backing up.

Take the tractor to a mechanic and see whether it can be repaired. Otherwise, change the whole mechanism for better performance.

4. Common Troubleshooting for All

Besides performing the above solutions, experts recommend the owners perform a basic and common troubleshooting procedure regardless of the model.

Firstly, check the axle on the rear wheel to make sure that it is in the right position.

There are several videos on YouTube showing how to remove the rear wheels and inspect the square axle that drives them.

After that, one should check the belt which must be free of slack for optimal performance. Do the inspection while keeping the tractor in neutral mode.

Keep it in the neutral position and try to push the riding mower. Being able to move it easily indicates that everything is fine.

Facing anything unusual at this point means that the problem is in the transaxle. Move the brake lever, and apply some WD-40 to make it smooth.

Next, owners should purge the air out of the machine or mechanism. It also helps identify the problem and solve it.

Check the manual for a complete guide to do the purging. Also, see online videos on people doing it to get a clear understanding.

Finally, manage a helping hand to move the shifter while you look underneath the tractor.

When the shifter gets moved by your helper, you should notice that the transaxle is moving freely.

5. Bypassed Valve

On the last problem in the previous section, you have seen that no forward motion is a problem faced by a few users.

One possible reason for the issue can be in the forward valve being bypassed. It can happen due to an internal leak, stuck relief valve, or bad seal/gasket.

Final Thought

Indeed, the Husqvarna tractor has problems with forward and reverse. But it is not a manufacturing fault.

The company makes great lawnmowers and the owners vouch for them. If you are facing any issue, this article can help you solve it.

Or those who are going to buy one and hesitating because of this issue should not concentrate on it too much.

Because there are no mowers in the market that come with a clean slate.

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