Mulching vs. Side Discharge: Total Comparison  

Are you being amazed at the difference between mulching vs. side discharge?

Mulching and side discharge both are fantastic ways to clipping your garden. Whereas the mulching is the better option for applying at home areas and easy to control, a side discharge is highly used in the vast spaces and offers great power & speed as high as you expect.

For getting more proof, you need to flip through this writing. Here, we provide fundamental compared to depth-in data between the mulching vs. side discharge that is really helpful to you.

Comparison Diagram: Mulching vs. Side Discharge

If you want to get a clear idea in the shortcut way, you would like to see the comparison diagram between mulching and side discharge.

DimensionsMulching Side discharge 
Suitable forMulching is suitable for homeowners.Side discharge is suitable for professional users.
Power & speedLess power than side dischargeMore speedy than mulching and perfect for regular work.
Cutting featuresThis is the way to cut smoothly.This system offers high-quality cutting features.
Applying areaIt is highly used for small areas or homes.It is maximumly used for large areas.
FertilizerMulching gives nutrients to your lawn.It may not be providing nutrients to your grass.

Differences between Mulching vs. Side Discharge

Firstly, we present some basic information about mulching vs. Side discharge that’s crucial for discovering the outcome. Just concentrate on the below.


Mulching is one kind of strategy for mowing lawn or grass. It is designed using the sharp blades, baffles, and a hindrance layer of the deck side for making the exclusive mower. Further, mulching is a very effective & easy process to cut grass at the right height.

For using this mulching, the nutrients and moisture are increased in your soil that is essential for seeds growth. They are quite cheaper than the others. In this case, John Cloutier says, “The clippings are so small you won’t even see them if your machine is effectively mulching”.

Working Process:

Mulching has plug-in electric machines or battery-powered for cutting grass. The best power source is its inner combustion motor. Sometimes, it works with the manual force for moving over the soil. Users can walk-behind in the mulching to control it.

The sharper blade is used for cutting leaves without any harmful effects. You can use two several categories of blades like a single blade and multiple blades.


It provides the cut on grass for holding the limited height of lawns. The highlighted thing is it helps keep the grass’s healthy lifestyle. Moreover, your soil has increased nutrients, and other essential things, we mentioned. Whatever, If you are a homeowner and live in the downtown or suburban area, you can easily utilize this.

Alternatively, mulching is the best way to deal with your lawn care. For hitting mowers, an operator doesn’t have to worry about the going speed. Just he needs to walk as well as go forward, it is the special advantage of mulching.

Another thing is that it is good for the environment. This also aids in reducing the extra water, and the excess of weeds, which are unnecessary.


The first and foremost weakness is its special sharper blades that are used for clipping the grass. It is able to cut everything so that you don’t mulch effectively and properly. Plus, it can’t work for cutting the longer lawn because of its limitation of horsepower.

On the other hand, don’t go through the mulching if your garden leaves are wet. Or, in the heavy rain or snow situation, mulching is not suitable.

Side Discharge

Another great grass cutting process is a side-discharge system. It comes to provide some exclusive features. The clipping has thrown to one side of the mower. The side-discharge method is very powerful and faster than mulching. Using this interesting side-discharge, you are able to cut your grass in the 50s back way.

Although it is not more popular for homeowners, this system is perfect for professional workers who want to clip properly.

Working System:

Most of the side discharges are made to cut the taller, thicker, or moister grass. They are quite easy to handle and maintain.

Quantity of accretion bottom will inhibit the blades as well as fall mushy clumps of lawn garbage on your garden where the side-discharge tube deposes these grass clippers away from your motor. Who doesn’t have to clean his/her mower regularly, side-discharge is perhaps a better option for them.

It is the most traditional system to cut off the half-inch of lawn and the clipping left behind by mowing.


Side-discharge contains spinning blades for providing a good quality of cut and it has no bag to store garbage. These blades are sharper so you can work faster than mulching.

Another highlighted benefit is its powerful horsepower. If you can’t handle it, the blades will not stand up as straight as you want, even can’t cut in the target line. It allows you to add a bag for keeping waste and when the bag is full, you can take away from the cutting power.

For this reason, side discharge is good for the experienced and newcomer.


Side-discharge is excellent for the large areas, we know. But, if you need to shoot the clippings at home or tight areas or neighborhoods, you can’t do it comfortably. This is because your machine will go all over the areas if you wish or don’t wish.

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Mulching and side discharge both are cutting systems of the grass or lawn. If you prefer to cut grass at home smoothly, you can go through the mulching. Or, if you want to get the powerful cutting system, turn on the side discharge.

Mulching vs. Side discharge?- This concept is now clear.

Mulching vs Side Discharge

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