Types of Riding Lawn Mowers And Their Uses

The selection of a WRONG lawn mower type alone is capable of killing your happy morning. Therefore it is mandatory to select the types of riding lawn mower so that you can enjoy your job done utterly and without spoiling your day.

Riding lawn mowers have three categories. You need to know all of the types before you purchase any one from these three categories. Let’s see types of riding lawn mower in briefly-

Types of Riding Lawn Mowers:

Riding lawn mowers are available into three types now a day. Here they are-

1. Rear Engine Riding Mowers.

2. Tractors (includes lawn and garden tractors) Mowers.

3. Zero Turning Radius (ZTR) Mowers.

Let’s see a brief description of riding lawn mowers types:

1. Rear Engine Riding Mowers:

Rear Engine Riding Mowers features a smaller engine (than lawn tractor) and a smaller deck with a minimum 30 inches mowing swath. The engine of this mower is placed underneath the driver seat. This lawnmower is perfect for the landowner of half-acre or less than half an acre.  They are entry-level mowers. Without breaking any swath, they can cut your lawn grass almost at a half time a push lawn mower just did. This lawnmower is nearly one or two-foot skinnier than a lawn tractor or a zero-turn lawnmower.

2. Tractors (includes lawn and garden tractors)

Lawnmowers are features a hood above and they are specially designed for the mowing of the lawn only. On the other hand, Garden tractors contain high horse-powered engines; therefore, it can accomplish multi-tasks related to a tractor. Garden tractors have high horsepower engines for which they can do multitasks, whereas lawn tractors have the lower horsepower for which they are only limited to lawn mowing. Garden tractors are bigger and wider than lawn tractors. On the other hand, lawn tractors have a compact and lighter weight. That’s why they are perfect for navigating lawn with easy storage facilities.

3. Zero Turning Radius (ZTR) Mowers:

Zero Turning Radius Mower or Zero-Turn Mower has a Zero Turning Radius. This mower can effectively use for various purposes like commercial duty, home tasks, etc. A z-turn mower has a diverse engine power, different cutting decks with a different fuel type. However, this mower is great for the price and the fastest driving action.

Zero-turn mowers include the Steering mechanism (inside the Car Wheel). Therefore the user can pivot the mower at a 180-degree angle, so cut every grass present in all corners of the land.

How to Choose a Perfect Riding Lawn Mower?

The Volume of your Job/Size of Your Land:

You can go with a tractor or zero-turn lawnmower for more massive land or the land full of several trees and bush. If you need a decent riding with your mower and if the land is smaller than half an acre, you can go with a rear engine mower or a garden tractor to mow the land.

How is The Transmission?

Many Rear engine mowers are featuring a computerized foot-paddle controlled transmission system. Unlike rear engine mower, tractor types mower offer a manual transmission, which is non-user friendly most often.

If you don’t want to stop your mower repeatedly while changing the gear, you can use a rear engine mower for your garden mowing. For the larger purpose, zero-turn mowers are perfect.

Type of Task:

If you want only a grass cutting task, go for a rear engine mower. This mower is very easy to operate and easy to handle. But only the disadvantage of rear engine mower is they cannot mow a more significant land (more half an acre) or any stiff bushes.

If you want to mow your garden, which is full of hard trees and massive bushes, garden tractor mower can be perfect for you.

Mowing Speed:

A slower speed is enough to mow backyard land. But if you have to mow a more massive land or a land filled with smaller trees, larger bushes, there is no alternate to increase your mower speed to mow that land. A zero-turn lawn mower is the perfect fastest riding lawn mower, which will give you a 5 to 8 mph cutting speed.

On the other hand, traditional lawn mower can work only up to 3 to 4 mph cutting speed. So, pick the speed difference and decide which one do you need exactly.

Constructed Materials:

A zero-turn lawn mower is built with a heavy steel frame, allowing the user to enjoy a durable mowing service for a long time. The thicker steel frame, Sturdy deck, etc. included in the zero tune mowers make the mowing speed rapid and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which type of lawnmower do I need for my land?

Which type of mowing job do you need? If you want to mow your small garden, a rear-engine lawn mower is perfect for you. You can choose a garden tractor or lawn tractor if your little garden becomes filled with hard trees and massive bushes. Again, when you need to mow a more massive land faster, a zero-tune lawn mower is perfect for you.

Which type of riding lawn mower is best for us?

It depends on your land size, obstacles present on your land, how faster you want to mow your land and obviously your afford level and demand.

Final verdict:

Whether you are the owner of ample land or have a smaller backyard, you cannot think correctly, mowing the grass without the right lawnmower.

Remove all your hesitation, select one riding lawn mower to mow your any types of land. As there are three types of riding lawn mowers are available now, so you can expect your mowing job will successfully compete with anyone from them.

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