Let’s Discover Who Makes Cub Cadet Mowers

If you own a lawn or yard, no matter whether your garden or lawn is big or small-sized, you must be well aware of the importance and use of mowers. There are several top-ranked lawnmowers that can save your time and energy both. Cub Cadet mowers are among them too.

Cub Cadet mowers are specially designed and built with a fuel-injected engine boaster to deliver high performance to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn that most lawn owners desire.

But do you know who makes Cub Cadet mowers?

The variety of Cub Cadet mowers available on the market, such as Cub cadet lawn mowers, Push mowers, Riding mowers, and commercial mowers, are manufactured by Cub Cadet Corporation.

Cub Cadet Corporation is an American company. It mainly produces outdoor power equipment and services such as utility vehicles, handheld, chore products, and snow throwers as well.

Who Owns Cub Cadet?

Mainly, Cub Cadet Corporation is a subsidiary wholly owned by MTD Products Inc® since 1985. But MTD corporation was not the initial owner of the Cub Cadet products.

Then, who was it?

Next, I will be answering that question with the background history of Cub Cadet-

What Company Makes Cub Cadet? (History Behind Cub Cadet)

Initially, Cub Cadet corporation was founded as a part of International Harvester or IH in 1960 at the Shed in Gloria Drive, Kentucky.

International Harvester formed Cub cadet as one of their new premium line of heavy-duty small tractors where IH used components from the previous Cub series tractors.

International Harvester branched out into the home lawn and garden business in 1961 with its line of Cub Cadet equipment. The first Cub Cadet model was made between 1961-1963 and named the International Cub Cadet Tractor, or the Cub Cadet Original.

The Cub Cadet Original was powered by a 7 hp and 8 hp Kohler replacement engine. Between 1963 to 1971, IH Cub cadet produced tougher and narrow frame models. Later on, they introduced their wide frame series in 1971, the Quietline series (1974), Cub Cadet loader, and the 82 series (1979).

But during 1981, because of financial hardship International Harvester could not continue with its Cub Cadet tractor line and sold it to the present owner- MTD corporation.

Let’s Learn Who builds Cub Cadet Mowers:

Since 1985, Cub Cadet mowers are building under MTD products corporation. Now let’s get a brief idea of the present parent company of Cub Cadet Corporation-

Who Owns MTD?

MTD Products Inc® is one of the top leaders for designing and manufacturing outdoor power equipment such as commercial lawnmowers and snow blowers. MTD was originally founded in 1932 in Cleveland by Theo Moll, Emil Jochum, and Erwin Gerhard.

MTD entered this industry in 1959 as a mass-market-focused lawnmower manufacturer. The initial product of MTD corporation was an 18″ power rotary mower. In late 1959, it started manufacturing self-propelled lawnmowers, garden tractors, and other power equipment.

Over the years, to expand their territory worldwide, MTD Products Inc® not only acquired Cub Cadet but also obtained several companies such as Sehl Engineering, Troy-Bilt, Wolf-Garten, Columbia, Craftsman, etc.

Where Are Cub Cadet Mower Made?

Cub Cadet corporation is an American-based lawnmower and garden equipment manufacturer. It has manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee, since 1961.

Cub Cadet’s world-class innovative products are designed and engineered at the global operation headquarters of Cub Cadet corporation, Valley City, Ohio.

Though the main headquarter of MTD is in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, they also have offices in more than twenty countries of the world to provide engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and sales facilities worldwide.

Who Makes Cub Cadet Engines?

All Cub Cadet mower engines are exclusively designed, manufactured, and serviced by MTD under Powermore®’s brand name.

Other Products At A Glance:

Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer
Who makes Cub Cadet Zero turn mowers? MTD Products
Who manufactures Cub Cadet Lawn mowers? MTD Products
Who makes Cub Cadet commercial mowers? MTD Products
Who manufactures Cub Cadet Riding mowers? MTD Products
Who makes Cub Cadet tractors? MTD Products
Who makes Cub Cadet Trimmers? MTD Products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Cub Cadet Engines Any Good?

Cub cadet engines for lawn & garden tractors are great and reliable since those are more efficiently build by Powermore. For example, the 7000 series of Cub Cadet mower engines have already gained a quick positive acceptance from consumers because of their fuel efficiency, ease of control, high performance, and reliability.

Who makes Cub cadet 679cc engines?

MTD Products worked as partners with Walbro to utilize highly cost-effective technology and developed the 679cc, a V-Twin fuel-injected engine for the Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro Series Lawn Tractor.

Who manufactures Cub Cadet utv engines?

All Cub Cadet UTV engines are manufactured by MTD Products subsidiary corporation Cub Cadet in Ohio, USA.

Who makes Cub Cadet 547cc engines?

Just like other Cub Cadet lawn, push, riding, and zero-turn mowers engines, Cub Cadet 547cc engines are also made by Cub Cadet corporation in Ohio, USA.

Ending Notes

Cub Cadet lawnmowers and garden equipment are worldwide popular and well-accepted. But most people, are not aware of who makes Cub Cadet mowers originally.

Hopefully, there will be no more confusion since I have already shared the background of information and history behind this top leading outdoor power equipment manufacturer brand in today’s article.